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OK. hi this is my first post ever on my brand new blog. this is SO fool. first I’d like to say when posting  comments please follow any normal rules on the

1. don’t be mean when posting. don’t  threaten people, don’t do anything that will cause harm to anyone (including me) in any way shape or form.

2. don’t post porn or put in any viruses in links. its mean (which means it also violates rule # 1) and think what if its some poor computer nerd whose only life is on the computer???? you’d ruin their whole life. that’s really not cool .(especially if u get me kicked off this site)

so please pertain here to all rules you’d  pertain to on any other site.

so here’s a little about me, i luv books, and writing. i luv chocolate, mountain dew and sports . my fave authors are Scott Westerfeld and Stephenie Meyer. I’m gonna post tomorrow 2. maybe, if i can remember, after church. so i might sound boring now but maybe I’ll post some of my fan fics or something (don’t try anything, though I’ve got a good lawyer and I’m not afraid to sue)


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