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okay. today i have nothin 2 post soooooo. here is my review of peeps.

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peeps is ah~mazingly fool. i luv it. it rocks. peeps is about a guy named cal.(cal is fool, he nos lots of weird biology facts)so like i said Cal’s a bio dude. his major in college is biology. so there’s lots of fun facts. every other chapter is like fun bio facts. so neway, cal is a carrier. what is a carrier and what’s he carrying u ask. well, a carrier in this case is someone who isn’t a full blown peep( a vampire) so he is not a full blown peep. this version of vampire, is totally original, which is totally Scott, very original. so cal is trying to find his generator, the person who gave him the disease, and catch neone who he  might of given the disease. while he’s doing this he discovers something.  the people he’s been working for are keeping him in the dark. about what you ask. well read the book and find out. i gots a spoiler page where u can comment bout the book don’t look if u havent read it yet. or else. 



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