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say hello yo my new layout. this ones in honor of sum of my friends. the header is green in honor of Sarah bug. the orange is in honor of 2 different friends, Macy, and fanny bonnie(which isn’t her real name, its a tag nick name). well no one is votin so neway i might have to cut it if it doesn’t pick up by next week. sssssssooooooo. that’s about it, i haven’t been writing much sorry. not many new fic entries will b added soon. oh happy b-day to the king. u no Elvis Presley. oh and did neone hear about that kid who glued himself to his bed so he wouldn’t have to go to school????? yeah, some kids at my school were all like “i should’a thought of that” and im all like “he still had to go to school cuz his mom found him and called 911 to detach him from the bed.”


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  1. oh btw

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