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grumbles under breath about how much she hates photobucket. srry, had to delete all the pics… they were either deleted or changed… one of them was really weird and gross, so i figured i shouldn’t risk leaving any of the photobucket pics on. srry. i hate photobucket.




ok had 2 leave scotts site sooo. here it is. i think that if they fix up pattinson enough, he’ll be decent. i wanted cavill though. i think that stewart was a horrible choice 4 bella. i dont think she looks right. bella has a heart shaped face.   here is a pic of her in character.

gosh hes too old 4 this role hes like 22! i was hoping 4 someone lesser known maybe. under 20.

heres a pic of them together

better stop b4 i start ranting

ok hes ok, pattinson, but i wanted henry cavill for edward.




hes 24, but looks younger, wat is it with the british actors? i wish i could get a good break and be an actress. sigh i luv acting, but i can’t even get a good part in a school play. sadness, i don’t think the teacher likes me. i used to get awesome parts with my last music teacher. neway i wanted panabaker for bella. heres her pic.

Danielle Panabaker  i mean look at her! shes a great actress and shes so bella looking!(and shes american) 😉

luv ya toots!!!




  1. Yeah theyre not very good picks

  2. btw his hair is not blond
    it’s bronze 🙂

  3. i no but im sayin that pattinson’s hair is blond

  4. i might not be as ticked if they had the right hair color. 😦

  5. if u look close it has a bronze tint but it should be darker

  6. 1 bella wouldnt wear that outfit 2 she wouldn’t look so confident
    now that i look closer i have less to complain about but, i still think his skin needs to be lighter his hair darker. and his eyes more topazy. he should be lookin down at bella, lovingly, u no like “omg ur awesome” and bella should be looking up at him like ” how the heck did i land a guy as perfect as u?”

  7. paler 4 both

  8. he needs to be way paler

  9. yup

  10. it looks like edward went to a tanning bed

  11. Even if he had gotten a tan he would need to be paler than that

  12. i no im sayin actuall edward edward. u no the character cuz hes not pale enough

  13. Oh
    I was saying that even if Edward got a tan in the book the actor would need to be paler

  14. Is his hair supposed to be in a ‘casual disarray’?

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted January 13, 2008 at 9:30 pm
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    idk but he looks the oart in those othe pics but she looks nothing like i thought.


    WoRD 😉

  15. i think, thats kind how i imagined edward though, just less messy. a little more controled

  16. o well yeah that makes cents probably true, pattinson still would have 2 b paler

  17. hmm I can’t think about how a character looks or my subconcious version of them goes away

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 13, 2008 at 9:43 pm
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    I think he’s just too old and not enough hotness,not nearly enough.*sigh*
    And what the heck is “Bella” wearing in that picture?!?!Soooooooo NOT Bella at all, kind of creepy if you ask me, but Pattinson looks more like Edward in that picture than the rest, cuz in the rest he’s got a like totally dazed look on his face, if ya know what I mean, and Stewart does NOT look like Bella at all, she’s trying way too hard and the result looks like she’s over confident and a bit quacked.HeHeHe.Anyway cool blog and I sure hope they weren’t in character cuz if they were they seriously need some help.Team EDWARD all the way baby!
    See Ya!

  18. wow not sure who that was, never heard of them b4, but koolio, yeah said just about everything

  19. who r u mystery person???

  20. o wait yay im the admin. i can find out

  21. gosh i still dont no!!!!. reveal urself mystery person wats ur name on scotts site have u ever been on scotts site???

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 13, 2008 at 9:58 pm
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    My name on Scott’s sight is Tally&Zane.
    Cool,I’m mysterious.LOL

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 13, 2008 at 10:11 pm
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    I’m bored!Where is everybody?

  22. Hi Tally & Zane!

  23. hey i no u tally&zane cool.

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 14, 2008 at 9:48 pm
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    Hey, What ups peoples?
    See Ya!

  24. hi i g2g, sleep. i gots school 2 morrow. dont bother me w/ the geeze wat time is it where u are. im on easternj time. im in ohio, but i dont like ohio. more of a mountaineers fan myself

  25. i dont type out up wen i say wats up. i do this
    wats ^. hehe luv ya toots

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 14, 2008 at 11:13 pm
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    Ha That’s funny!Whats^.HeHeHe!

  26. yea. hehe. gosh i wonder if becca has managed any more stealin. im gonna go see.

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 15, 2008 at 7:27 pm
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    good luck with that

  27. o no i went 2 serafinas site and forgot all about becca!!!

  28. Whoa, that pic with Edward and Bella’s characters, are like….. really wrong. Edward needs to be paler and WHAT THE HECK IS BELLA WEARING?! And Bella’s hair is supposed to be blond. People these days…. Can’t even get a few decent actors…

  29. no bella has brown hair and brown eyes. but not ordinary brown eyes, theyre not flat, there deep. the only one w/ blond hair is rosaile and maybe esme. i cant find where it says it but its brown. and when shes in the sun its got a reddish tint. but i think pattinson needs a tone darker with the bronze. stewart is sooooo rong 4 bella. shes tryin so hard she looks high

  30. i wanted panabaker 4 bella all she needs is a good hair dye and she is suuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhh a great actor. i mean if it werent 4 zethura i wouldnt no who stewart was at all it wasnt the greatest movie in the world. i was forced 2 watch it at school

  31. Doen’t Jasper have blond hair too?But yeah, I think Danielle Panabaker would be great as Bella.

  32. I meant to say doesn’t.

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 16, 2008 at 7:22 pm
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    Grrr!!!It changed my name.

  33. yeah he does i forgot, he isnt ever described more than once, like esme which is y i was unsure bout her

  34. Yeah, Jasper and Rosalie both have blonde hair
    thats why they both use Rosalie’s last name….because they look like twins

  35. o well i rememer an example. k well bella asks if anyone in tanyas clan liked him and tanya did and shes a strawberry blond and hes all like dont worry bella. shes so not my type, im more into BRUNETTS

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 16, 2008 at 10:15 pm
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    Yay!!! Brunette = ME!

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 16, 2008 at 10:15 pm
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  36. yay 4 u. i is blond, icky blond color naturaly, so i dye it really light blong sum times red 😦

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 18, 2008 at 4:20 pm
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    I’m re-reading Twilight.(again)

  37. yeah i like it but i can only re read eclipse. cuz thats the only one i own

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 20, 2008 at 6:27 pm
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    Oh Okay

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 20, 2008 at 10:30 pm
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    Okay I’ve given up. Pattinson does look hot in that last picture with Stewart. Just not edward hot.

  38. hehe. yeah he does doesn’t he. i don’t think neone could look as hot as edward

  39. I totally think that Gaspard Ulliel should play Edward. I was just bored yesterday so I decided to go on youtube and I typed in Edward Cullen and there was this trailer thing for Twilight if he were to play in it and it totally rocked! He is such an awesome Edward, plus much hotter than Pattinson.I don’t get it though, cuz on Stephanie’s website she says that she’s not even going to think about anyone over 21 to play Edward, but Ulliel looks younger than Pattinson even though he’s *sigh* 24.
    Sorry I’m done with my useless ranting.(for now)
    See Ya!

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 21, 2008 at 2:16 pm
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    dang it! It changed my name again.Yeah um I just wrote that.Sorry.

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 21, 2008 at 2:17 pm
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    where did it go?

  40. it needed moderation from where it had never seen that name b4

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 21, 2008 at 10:15 pm
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    Oh okay, so what do you think of Gaspard Ulliel?

    • Edward+Bella4ever
    • Posted January 21, 2008 at 10:16 pm
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    As Edward I mean

  41. ME=BORED!!!

  42. idk. wat do u think? i personally don’t no nething about his acting skills. hes french ur sumthin. idon’t think he would make a good edward. his face isn’t the right shape. to pointy. i was hoping 4 henry cavill. i ll add sum pics.

  43. there it is! god hes awesome!

  44. I had a dream lst night where Bella was immune to the vampire venom…

  45. yeah, weird

  46. yeah
    I had that dream too

  47. Oohh you guys better knock on wood cuz I will be so mad if she is ammune to it.
    Yeah well I have a major crush on Gaspard Ulliel *sigh* Gosh he’s so freakin HOT!!!
    And his adorable French accent is well…adorable. I had a dream last night that I met him and we were having this really long conversation while I was just thinking about how hot he is. And that wasn’t the creepy part. Wait for it…okay yeah so I talk in my sleep a lot, and my Mom woke up in the middle of the night cuz she heard me , and the wierd thing was that I was speaking French. Fluently. And I didn’t even know that I could speak French! I mean I am French but I’ve never been to France or even learned that much of the language. So I’m a little freaked out right now. Okay maybe a lot.
    SEE YA!!!

  48. It changed my name again and I’m too lazy to fix it.
    So just to be clear, this is the same person as Edward+Bella4ever.
    YepYepYep thats me allright.

  49. wow u people have weird dreams.i dont usualy dream. i never dream like that. i wish i had dreams where i spoke foreign languages or ruin books. i will hurt stephenie if she does that, highly unlikly tho cuz in book 1 member edward had to suck the venome out cuz shes all like “it burns”. i wish i could meet hot actors or the guys of my DAYdreams. sigh my life sucks

  50. oh u no the twilight fan fic just btw, ive got tons more posted on just to let u no. ive got like 17 chapters. i gots a new courtney original there too.i wish i could be an actress cuz i rock, but teachers dont like me. so not fair. why not get some unknowns from small towns w/ a population of 894 people. yeah thats how many people there are in my town, according to the 2000 census. forks has like 3000 people. were actually not a town were a village.

  51. My dreams have sequels
    and that one ended abruptly so I’m expecting more
    and I do dream in foreign languages

  52. yeah i can suddenly understand french while im awake now well to a certain extent i wish i was in french class instead of spanish i would so be getting an a instead of a stupid b minus oh well its just really creepy
    see ya!

  53. yay no school!!!!!

  54. that’s not fair!
    what do you mean no school?
    you’re in like Ohio or something right?
    doesn’t Ohio border Indiana?!
    I HAD SCHOOL!!!!

  55. yaeh i think oh does border indiana. a water main broke, so there was a boil water advisory, so we got school canceled. the advisory lasts until noon 2morrow so im hoping theyll cancel school tomorrow 2

  56. ya im in oh

  57. gosh ur lucky. i wish i could understand french. or at least have it as a class option. we dont get to choose ne classes here (im in middle school tho) and our only option in high school is spanish, which if u learn spanish french wont b that hard. theyre quite similar, like wee and sea, both mean yes. blanka is french 4 white (i think) and blanko is spanish(i think) amour is love in french and amor is love in spanish

  58. im sorry french is just blanc and spanish is correct in white, not nessasaraly in spelling

  59. Yeah so I’m only in eighth grade but I’m hoping that when I get to college I’ll be able to study abroad for a semester or however long in France. That would be so fab! Short for fabulous. Yeah Blanco is with a c.

  60. and yes in spnish is si
    but I’m in ALL 7th grade classes now (was in 8th but apparently I’m too young) but most are still REACH so I’m retaking Algebra 1 (which is , as the teacher pointed out as if I wouldn’t be able to pass…AGAIN, is harder than a normal 9th grade math class)
    I still get to take high school Spanish though so whatever
    yeah I’m ranting

  61. i m thinkin bout it. i was pretty good at spanish. im al little rusty tho
    me amo courtney.
    more into italian now
    cieo (pronounced chow) arrivaderchi.
    french is cool 2.
    adeu, avor amor

  62. the sad thing is i forgot the most important spanish sentence. *sigh* o well

  63. No problem I rant all the time.HeHeHe!!!Sadly its true though.

  64. everyone rants, scott has a ranting page dont he?

  65. I don’t know but he should get one!

  66. I’ll sum up life as I know it:
    1:I’m still bored.
    2:Gaspard is still HOT!
    3:Twilight still rocks
    4: so do All of Scott’s books
    5: I’m STILL bored.
    Yep that’s pretty much it.

  67. you should add
    ‘homework sucks’

  68. i dont have ne today!!!!!!! yay weekend


  70. Netta-la you are so right so ‘homework sucks’ is officially added to my list.

  71. oh and
    ‘there is too much sucky homework’….that’s on my list too

  72. i had sucky homework yeaterday, because of my sucky sci teacher and sucky pregnent music teacher whose pregnentness ruins everything

  73. hmm..

  74. It’s official i’m delusional from sleep deprivation.
    Solving problem now.

  75. lol. im always delusional. hehe

  76. I’m always deprived of sleep.
    No I’m not crazy *twitch* *twitch*
    *laughs hysterically*
    My sister (Addie) said that last night I was saying multiples of 13 in my sleep.
    Not that she knew they were multiples of 13…but she told me some of the numbers…I think I got up to 533 or something…

  77. Dang Netta-la I couldn’t do that if I was awake.Okay maybe I could but it would take a while. A really long while.HaHaHa!!!

  78. I’m so bored and angry and I currently hate the world and everthing in it.
    no offense.

  79. i couldn’t do it w/o a calculator. u people do weird stuff in your sleep. speak in foriegn languages, count in multiples of 13, 2 things i cant do awake w/o resources. but hey question edward or jake. if u answered jake… ok if you answered either go read my fan fic off fan lib username:courtney-wa its just called twilight fan fic. if u read it but havent read it in over 4 days, reread it. i added a lot and am quite satisfied w/ my accomplishments

    Jake is retarted and I can’t call him what I really want to because I don’t use swear words. Sorry, but I’m very opinionated on this topic.

  81. wow. i pick edward too but if u read my fic youll see that ive got nothing against jake.

  82. tho i dont no why i dont particuraly ejoy jake theres something about him that makes him, not liked

  83. I don’t use swear words either, but I like both of them…so it doesn’t really matter in my case
    Today in tech I was looking around the room for tridecalogisms…then I looked back at my group and they were all giving me really weird stares…i found out later that I had said ‘Yay! Specification!’ out loud 😦

  84. hehe thats funny

  85. Very funny!
    Yeah, at school today I got kinda mad and annoyed.
    Cuz there’s this new kid named Justin in my Language Arts class and we were doing our Literature Circles so we switched seats to be in our groups. Thank God he’s not in my group, but what ever. So yeah I haven’t said ANYTHING at all to this guy, literally, until today, because he was sitting in my desk and I forgot my book there and so I was all ” Hey, Justin is my book still in my desk?” and he’s all”How should I know?”
    and I said”Uh, well your sitting there.” and he looked and said” Yeah, it’s there.” and I was like”Well can you get it for me?” and he’s all”No, why should I?You get it.” and I was like “Hello, your sitting right there in my way.That’s why.” and then my friend was all”Hi, Dottie.” and he’s like”HeHeHe!What kind of name is that?” and I said, now very annoyed”Give me my stupid book, you mentally inept retard.” and he just stares at me all confused and asks”What’s inept mean?” and I’m like”Exactly my point.” then he tossed me my book and went back to his work,and by his work I mean staring blankly at the ceiling counting the tiles.Yeah and I am really small for an eighth grader, I’m barely five feet, and this kid’s like over six feet, so he was practically taller than me sitting down. He isn’t necessarily a bully just an overgrown annoying retard. And that’s pretty much the highlight of my boring day.

  86. haha
    mentally inept retard!
    I love it!

  87. Thanks, came up with it myself, although Justin did inspire it somewhat. My little brother too.

  88. Except the difference is that I don’t have to stare straight up to talk to my lil’ bro.
    I am so not joking that kid id HUGE!

  89. hehehe thats also funny! mentally inept retard. u must b in gifted classes. only my friends would sound like that. were all in tag (hence the made up word tagular)

  90. were all nuts

  91. No gifted classes for me I’m stuck with the retards like Justin cuz I wasn’t there for the stupid test for the gate class.(“gifted and talented education”) but yeah so my teacher had to bump me up to harder work than the rest of the class already anyway and I still have an A+. She says it has to do with the fact that I have had a 12.9+ reading level since like 5th grade. But what ev.

  92. i was like that too. since the 5th grade. at my school we have no schedualed date gor tag (talented and gifted) class, we skip class, we dont have more challanging classes, its like a reward 4 bin smart. i luv my county. i had read all the harry potter books b4 5 th grade (all the way up to 5 cuz thats all that was out.) but ur still gifted.

  93. You’re sooo lucky, I get rewarded with MORE work.

  94. i’m in GT classes but we call it REACH
    I’ve been in it since 2nd grade
    and yeah all of my friends talk like that too

  95. hehe we even go on trips to places like columbus and circus and other workshops and get to stay in hotels! 🙂 u wanna transfer?

  96. Heck Yes!

  97. ?!?!?!

  98. I started writing a story a month ago and I’m still on page 3. I had given up on it for a while, but then I started writing from a different point of view because this character is just learning about where she is and the first one, Nichiara (I used th name for my fan fic once I had given up), had lived there her whole life. So it was easier with Rachel, the second character. But my friend is saying it’s not very good and HELLO?! I’m only on page 3!

  99. hehheh
    I’m ranting again

  100. Again, I’m totally okay with ranting.

  101. Boring day

  102. im too.

  103. yay!!! My parents finally said yes to letting m esend in my story to the Alpha Writing Workshop!!! You know how it says 14-19? Well I read that they’re not real strict on the age, they said that they have had someone as young as 11 come.
    Me IS HAPPY!!!
    And I’m bouncing off the walls, due to an early morning sugar rush!

  104. grrr. thats so not fair. im going to a differnt confrence. the national young leaders confrence in washington. very suckish, i would soooo rather go to a writing workshop. i luv writing. maybe scott will fill my request and i will go next year w/ him as a teacher!

  105. My lil bro is being so ANNOYING!!! I think I’ll go shove him in a closet right now. Never mind, too many witnesses.J.K. HaHaHa!!!

  106. I hate football and I was forced against my will to watch the stupid superbowl.

  107. Where is everybody? I’m BORED again!

  108. luv football by the end (i was all 4 the giants, im a steelers fan) i was jumping up and down screaming “yes patriots lose patriots lose!!!!!!!!! no dont catch the pass!!!!!” they miss the pass, 3 sec left on the clock “yes its over PATRIOTS LOSE!!!!” then the next day at school i saw my patriot luvin friend and hes walking facing me and i just point and say “ohhhhh” and hes like “shut up, just dont say a word

  109. sorry e-tech conference in columbus, i gotz freebies!!!!!!! i would have been here but i was too busy staying in a fancy hotel 4 free, eating for free and missing school w/ and excuse,

  110. Lucky

  111. i no.

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