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yay Becca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u rock Becca. Becca is my koolio friend that has a new blog. she’s managed 2 steal some of her sister, Netta’s fan fic 4 midnighters. i like it. itz neat. i likey a lot. i really need 2 write more. *sigh* i already have another idea for a fan fic and a new original story of my own. curse my creative mind. if i can, soon enough. i WILL steal sum of my best friend Sam’s fan fic on twilight. she wont let me read it

 😦          which is totally sad-making. tear, tear. i used to do all the technical work 4 her blog, but a little announcement about her new fan fic and some self promotion and she goes and changes her password. little does she no that, i have recently told wordpress that i forgot her password, not exactly telling them it wuz me. she wont be able to log on to her blog *she snickers, but cant hold it back* mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. so she will have 2 go check her e-mail 4 her password change. hehehe.

neway Sunday again, here’s ur scripture

i can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me 




  2. YAY BECCA. i like encouraging her or she wouldnt steal more 4 me

  3. She probably would steal it without your encouragement but I have it under lock and key now

  4. noooooooo!!!!!!!!! ur evil. im never posting any of my storys again
    i have no doubt in you i no u can still do it(its not that hard to pick a lock hehe)

  5. She noticed
    but this is an imaginary lock that can’t be picked.
    she is considering posting it on her blog. . .which she didn’t make so she doesn’t use it (her friend made it to annoy her…long story, don’t ask) since I am determined to post it. (Unfortunately, Bella doesn’t tell me how she manages to break my passwords, which I have to change almost day to day, so I have no clue what hers is)

  6. hehe do u no her email password?

  7. no clue
    but sshe uses the same password for EVERYTHING
    and she has for the last 4 years
    the same exact password has lasted her 4 years!!!
    its kinda funny cuz she only posts using MY email
    like somehow hers is insecure

  8. huuummmm. well if her blog is under your e-mail then its quite easy. go to the site to log in, then click the little “forgot your password?” button then it will send the password to your e-mail. if its not, then o well

  9. hehe, i sound like i can hack stuff, sort of , not really but o well. hehe

  10. no the blog is under her email (all of her accounts are)
    well, if anyone in my family could hack something it would be Netta

  11. woah wait confused. ru becca? or netta, cuz it says netta-la, but ur talin bout netta

  12. *talkin

  13. yeah
    she was posting then I got on but didn’t change the name

  14. o thats wat i thought

  15. cuz I thought i was logged in

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