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i updated both fics a lot. midnighters and twilight. u have to reread all of twilight. there’s new additions in the story. midnighters has more added onto the end. read please!



  1. LOVE your Twilight fan fic!(haven’t had a chance to read the Midnighters yet)
    Only problem is that at the wedding Elizabeth says Edward William Cullen but Edward’s full name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. But it’s still fawesome!

  2. o well didn’t pay that much attention to his middle names, thanx. i plugged that one in cuz i didn’t no and it was common. how the heck did u no that?

  3. Um…I’m a bit obsessed, and I guess I have a knack for noticing things.idk?

  4. By the way, Anthony is his only middle name, Masen was his last name before he was “adopted” by the Cullens.

  5. Yeah, I am also an obsessed fan…
    I knew that too…
    I know the rest of the Cullens full names…
    this was on my Yahoo! News
    A stranger gave a young Iowa couple at a restaurant a blank check and then a windfall — but with two conditions.
    They have to buy a house and name their next kid after him.

  6. thanx 4 telling me that now, i totally forgot that! uts changed, he just has a maden name in the wedding, jk.

    thats not bad i’d buy an expensive house on an expensive plot of land, then… wait what if u never have a kid? i dont want one, mayb adopted but…
    then rip him off and have no kid

  7. Yeah, they told the press they would though…
    how did he know that they would have more kids?
    Or maybe they just wanted to repay him and fufill his wishes

  8. mayb

  9. Strange…

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    ohh i love ur blog……


  10. thanx.

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