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there is no way that this seriously happened. did i seriously just read that bogus to bubbly, scott westerfeld’s guide to the world of uglies doesn’t come out until the 21st? if i seriously did then omjoe. it’s sitting next to me. i finished it. and, if it seriously hasn’t come out yet, and i’m the luckiest girl in the whole wide world who just realized that her schools book fair sold her a book before it’s release date then i just have to say THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! and also important, yet not as important as that last thanx, THANK YOU SCOTT!!!! my fave page was the one right after the title page, thanks, that means a lot scott-la. everyone, if i am seriously not making a huge mistake, when u get it, check out that page. 5th line from the top, not counting  the bigger writing, 2nd word. i LOVE U SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!! u r the cooliest writer eva.


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