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say hello yo my new layout. this ones in honor of sum of my friends. the header is green in honor of Sarah bug. the orange is in honor of 2 different friends, Macy, and fanny bonnie(which isn’t her real name, its a tag nick name). well no one is votin so neway i might have to cut it if it doesn’t pick up by next week. sssssssooooooo. that’s about it, i haven’t been writing much sorry. not many new fic entries will b added soon. oh happy b-day to the king. u no Elvis Presley. oh and did neone hear about that kid who glued himself to his bed so he wouldn’t have to go to school????? yeah, some kids at my school were all like “i should’a thought of that” and im all like “he still had to go to school cuz his mom found him and called 911 to detach him from the bed.”


i had to go to school today. it sucked. i got a book report due mon. i have to think of a topic for a research paper we’ll be duing for 4-6 weeks that partains to what we want our career to be. again suck-ish. bored bored bored. huuuh well annoncing the soon 2b newest addition to my site. soon i will have another fan fic 4u 2 read. EXTRAS fan fic. not in tally or ayas pov. a NEW character!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will b up eventually 4 now enjoy my other fics.

im bored. so i had a blog fest on scotts blog on new years and i went to eat and my friend bran-la asked me a question and i never answered. so she asked me whwere i got the names for my midnighters fan fic.(i hope he remembered 2 read the twilight one cuz im gonna keep buggin him till he does if u did comment so i no!!!!!!) so im gonna explain how i got the names for all of my fan fics. soooo i only  have 1 character right now in the twilight one, elizabeth. well you see my middle name is elizabeth. i like the name its pretty. i needed a name with a nick name cuz i like nick names. sssssssssooooooo,elizabeth was born. the others weren’t so easy.


 elainie was my friend at camp, but i didn’t think about her at first. i go online and read through an index of names, is my usual. so i searched names that meant light. cuz shes the flame-bringer. soo elaine came up. but i didnt like elaine. so i added ie instead of e remembering my friend from camp.


 levi just sort of came to mind. levi is smart in the fic. my friend sarah is in tag w/ me. she used to go sumwhere else for school. she has a crush on a guy named levi. levi goes to other said school. he is also in tag. being in tag means ur Talented And Gifted. which means ur smarter than everybody else except for other kids in tag. so both these levi’s r smart.


well i was looking for some unususal names. so i looked in the w’s on my fave name index site. watson i’d heard of. butt watt was easy to remember. hes quite a bright boy, watt. and the more WATTS there r in a lightbulb the BRIGHTER it is. hehe get it. that wasn’t the original reason though that just sort of came to me.


ridly is just a coolish name isnt it. i heard of riley but, never ridly. i thought it was kinda cool. i wouldn’t name my kid that though. i was on the index site.

there will be more names added to the stories, and i will do another one of these then.

luv ya toots :-9

i haven’t told you guys this but my favorite college football (OK basically all sports) team is West Virginia. Michigan is just plain evil. where i live the feud is between Michigan and Ohio state. so i don’t like either, people will ask me which i like and ill be like west Virginia and they’ll be like they suck. and i cant wait for a Michigan fan to tell me that cause I’m gonna say ” well if we suck so badly then why does Michigan keep stealing our coaches.” twice already football and basketball those thieves. I’m so happy that west Virginia sued the crap out of Rodriguez. the traitor deserved it.

can u believe it my friend Sam. thinks i have a book obsession. and worst of all she thinks that’s a bad thing1 book obsessions rock. especially wen they’re over Scott.he he i hope u can see this Sam! i don’t think reading is a bad thing do you? comment please. jk she didn’t say she h8td reading she’s just as obsessed as me