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Category Archives: sports

whoooooo! mountaineers win!!!!!!!!!! 48-28 over Oklahoma. whoooooo!!!!!

AND we’ve got a new head coach on the mountaineers to replace traitor rich Rodriguez. bill Stewart was announced this morning as the new head coach. that’s a picture of him above. he was the associate head coach under Rodriguez. maybe this guy will be more loyal. besides Michigan can’t steal this coach cause they already stole our football coach.

neway on books today here are 4 books that i haven’t read yet but want to. 

1. polymorph by Scott westerfeld(yes there are some of his older books which i haven’t yet read.)

2. little women

3.wuthering heights

4. evolutions darling ( i rrrrreeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy want to read this one but i cant find it ANYWHERE, and it really sucks cause i read the part of the first chapter and now i reaaaaaalllllyyyyy want to read it.) by Scott westerfeld

luv ya toots :-9  


i haven’t told you guys this but my favorite college football (OK basically all sports) team is West Virginia. Michigan is just plain evil. where i live the feud is between Michigan and Ohio state. so i don’t like either, people will ask me which i like and ill be like west Virginia and they’ll be like they suck. and i cant wait for a Michigan fan to tell me that cause I’m gonna say ” well if we suck so badly then why does Michigan keep stealing our coaches.” twice already football and basketball those thieves. I’m so happy that west Virginia sued the crap out of Rodriguez. the traitor deserved it.