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ok, no, i didn’t just finish it, but let me tell you, over the summer when i did, i was freakin out over it. that was a great ending. the book was filled with twists and turns, things you expected, and things you didn’t. there were parts where you wanted to stand up, dance, and sing YESSSS!!!, thanking the lord for stephenie meyer, and parts where you wanted to hit your knees, scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and curse her name too. part where you said awww, poor this person, and a TON of laughable parts where you start laughing while you’re reading it in the store and people turn to stare at you with this bewlidered look that says “what in the world is she laughing at?” i had plenty of those moments. there were also times where (if you didn’t already) you wanted to rip someone’s head off and scream cuss words at them, even though you know you shouldn’t cuss, so you just think them really hard in your head. great book, anyway, i highly recommend it (after you read the first three). it was so worth the fit of hysterical laughter that i couldn’t stop at the release.


for all of you who don’t know, i am an active user of fanlib. but as of August 4, which is 2 mondays from now, it will be closed, so i am vacating back here. any of you who are my fans, welcome. this is where all my fics will be posted from now on. i wish fanlib wasn’t closing though, it’s so much harder to get viewers here. i’ll also be using my new myfandom account, myfandom(dot)com/courtney-wa, it will probably be used more often than this. 

ps. btw, i changed my thing, but the pic on the last one was the cover of peeps, by scott westerfeld

today, june 20, is edward cullen’s 108th birthday. everyone knows that edward is freakin awesome and that i am obsessed with him. i just thought i’d wish him a happy birthday, b/c he rocks. luv ya edward!

i updated both fics a lot. midnighters and twilight. u have to reread all of twilight. there’s new additions in the story. midnighters has more added onto the end. read please!

grumbles under breath about how much she hates photobucket. srry, had to delete all the pics… they were either deleted or changed… one of them was really weird and gross, so i figured i shouldn’t risk leaving any of the photobucket pics on. srry. i hate photobucket.




ok had 2 leave scotts site sooo. here it is. i think that if they fix up pattinson enough, he’ll be decent. i wanted cavill though. i think that stewart was a horrible choice 4 bella. i dont think she looks right. bella has a heart shaped face.   here is a pic of her in character.

gosh hes too old 4 this role hes like 22! i was hoping 4 someone lesser known maybe. under 20.

heres a pic of them together

better stop b4 i start ranting

ok hes ok, pattinson, but i wanted henry cavill for edward.




hes 24, but looks younger, wat is it with the british actors? i wish i could get a good break and be an actress. sigh i luv acting, but i can’t even get a good part in a school play. sadness, i don’t think the teacher likes me. i used to get awesome parts with my last music teacher. neway i wanted panabaker for bella. heres her pic.

Danielle Panabaker  i mean look at her! shes a great actress and shes so bella looking!(and shes american) 😉

luv ya toots!!!


hello everyone!!!!! do you like the new layout???? comment and tell me which you guys like best.

WHOO!!!!!!! just thought I’d say that. cuz u no wat????? i gotz the new fan fic up!!!!!! WHOO.      

THE EXTRAS FAN FICTION IS NOW UP!!!!!!!!! GO READ SECTION 1 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!! HOPE U GUYS LIKE IT, IF YOU DO COMMENT. TELL ME WAT U THINK NEEDS FIXED. neway it should rock!!!! WHOO! i also got sumpin else new. a TRIVIA QUESTION! and  POLL. not the kind of pole that holds up a building or that strippers dance on. ill start off easy w/ the trivia questions then they’ll get harder, the subject will change everyday. Mon.=the uglies books (all of them) Tues.=peeps if its a Wednesday it will b on scotts words from books. Thursday, Scott himself. Friday, it will b on anything not even necessarily books!!! if its Saturday it will b on the midnighters trilogy. I’ll pick a winner randomly course they’ll have to have the right answer. the reward ur name will b posted w/ a suggestion 2 the site of ur choice, u’ll be the person of the week!!!! and of course the satisfaction of being a wiener, oops i mean winner.hehe, ne way today I’ll post on Mondays subject. u have to comment ur answer. the winner will be posted on saturdays. the poll will simply show the answer to what the people think. I’ll have those weekly too. also Saturdays. they’ll be on their own pages. u comment ur answer on the poll to.

well its Sunday soooooooooooo i will leave you w/ scripture.

psalm 23:4 even if i go through the deepest darkness, i will not be afraid, Lord,for you are with me. Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect me.


im bored. so i had a blog fest on scotts blog on new years and i went to eat and my friend bran-la asked me a question and i never answered. so she asked me whwere i got the names for my midnighters fan fic.(i hope he remembered 2 read the twilight one cuz im gonna keep buggin him till he does if u did comment so i no!!!!!!) so im gonna explain how i got the names for all of my fan fics. soooo i only  have 1 character right now in the twilight one, elizabeth. well you see my middle name is elizabeth. i like the name its pretty. i needed a name with a nick name cuz i like nick names. sssssssssooooooo,elizabeth was born. the others weren’t so easy.


 elainie was my friend at camp, but i didn’t think about her at first. i go online and read through an index of names, is my usual. so i searched names that meant light. cuz shes the flame-bringer. soo elaine came up. but i didnt like elaine. so i added ie instead of e remembering my friend from camp.


 levi just sort of came to mind. levi is smart in the fic. my friend sarah is in tag w/ me. she used to go sumwhere else for school. she has a crush on a guy named levi. levi goes to other said school. he is also in tag. being in tag means ur Talented And Gifted. which means ur smarter than everybody else except for other kids in tag. so both these levi’s r smart.


well i was looking for some unususal names. so i looked in the w’s on my fave name index site. watson i’d heard of. butt watt was easy to remember. hes quite a bright boy, watt. and the more WATTS there r in a lightbulb the BRIGHTER it is. hehe get it. that wasn’t the original reason though that just sort of came to me.


ridly is just a coolish name isnt it. i heard of riley but, never ridly. i thought it was kinda cool. i wouldn’t name my kid that though. i was on the index site.

there will be more names added to the stories, and i will do another one of these then.

luv ya toots :-9

whoooo. finished some more. its there, feel free to fic that is, if you’ve read eclipse, just click the tabby thing at the top tht says “twilight fan fic”

today i will review… new moon. sorry Scott fans but i eventually would have had to review someone else. so why not now.

new moon is a captivating romance. its about, well, i really can’t tell you. its the second book in the twilight series. keeps you turning the page to see whats going to happen to bella.actually i think its my favorite in the series right now. of course the other two are called twilight and the third is eclipse the 4th book coming out is called breaking dawn and she has the first one coming out in edwards pov, its called midnight sun. i really like these books they don’t surpass scott though. both of her new books come out fall 2008. the link to her site is at the very bottom of the page under links. scott’s site is also there.

now i think i’ll review scott’s book, blue noon. blue noon is part of the midnighters trilogy. (though if the chasing midnight werewolves club or as i like to call them the chasing midnight werewolves who also like pie club gets their way it will be a series) as the third book in the series i really can’t give details. the first two books are the secret hour and touching darkness. this one is totally awesome. i love it and soon enough there will be a fan fic on my page. the chasing midnight werewolves club has a pretty sure this is the club site they have individual blogs too though check links at bottom of page.warning though theirs is a fan fic read the books first.scotts on my links.

hi everybody, if there is anyone. i really don’t have much to write about, so I’m gonna write about these dogs.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — They’re not as loaded as Leona Helmsley’s pooch, but three Maryland canines are plenty rich. The dogs — named Buckshot, Katie and Obu-Jet — inherited $400,000 and a house in Hagerstown with the death last year of owner Ken Kemper. Altogether, their estate is worth about $800,000.

i think them are some lucky dogs. but i also think that its kinda sad that the guy had no one to give all that to but his dogs. i mean i would have given it to my parents or friends. heck most people would have. but since he gave all that money to his DOGS, that says that he didn’t think his friends deserved it. OK now that i read its says he did have friends. I’d be a little mad if i were those friends, but I’d try to carry out his wishes. i luv dogs to, I’ve got 2 of them. but i guess that just says he luvs his dogs a lot.

OK its Sunday so I’ll leave u with a scripture

Isaiah 64:3   “But now, oh Lord, you are our Father, we are the clay, and You our potter; and all we are the work of Your hand.”

i promised a bit of fan fic. so just go to the separate pages, but not unless you’ve read the specific series please! =)