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grumbles under breath about how much she hates photobucket. srry, had to delete all the pics… they were either deleted or changed… one of them was really weird and gross, so i figured i shouldn’t risk leaving any of the photobucket pics on. srry. i hate photobucket.




ok had 2 leave scotts site sooo. here it is. i think that if they fix up pattinson enough, he’ll be decent. i wanted cavill though. i think that stewart was a horrible choice 4 bella. i dont think she looks right. bella has a heart shaped face.   here is a pic of her in character.

gosh hes too old 4 this role hes like 22! i was hoping 4 someone lesser known maybe. under 20.

heres a pic of them together

better stop b4 i start ranting

ok hes ok, pattinson, but i wanted henry cavill for edward.




hes 24, but looks younger, wat is it with the british actors? i wish i could get a good break and be an actress. sigh i luv acting, but i can’t even get a good part in a school play. sadness, i don’t think the teacher likes me. i used to get awesome parts with my last music teacher. neway i wanted panabaker for bella. heres her pic.

Danielle Panabaker  i mean look at her! shes a great actress and shes so bella looking!(and shes american) 😉

luv ya toots!!!



yay Becca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u rock Becca. Becca is my koolio friend that has a new blog. she’s managed 2 steal some of her sister, Netta’s fan fic 4 midnighters. i like it. itz neat. i likey a lot. i really need 2 write more. *sigh* i already have another idea for a fan fic and a new original story of my own. curse my creative mind. if i can, soon enough. i WILL steal sum of my best friend Sam’s fan fic on twilight. she wont let me read it

 😦          which is totally sad-making. tear, tear. i used to do all the technical work 4 her blog, but a little announcement about her new fan fic and some self promotion and she goes and changes her password. little does she no that, i have recently told wordpress that i forgot her password, not exactly telling them it wuz me. she wont be able to log on to her blog *she snickers, but cant hold it back* mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. so she will have 2 go check her e-mail 4 her password change. hehehe.

neway Sunday again, here’s ur scripture

i can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me 

the first person to guess wat my header is an image of gets the site of their choice on my links, remember, no publicity is bad. they also get the satisfaction of noing they won!!! so get to thinking. comment ur answer.

this weeks winner is NETTA-LA

the poll results r ZANE

there will no longer b poll or trivia

i got ANOTHER NEW LAYOUT i like this one

say hello yo my new layout. this ones in honor of sum of my friends. the header is green in honor of Sarah bug. the orange is in honor of 2 different friends, Macy, and fanny bonnie(which isn’t her real name, its a tag nick name). well no one is votin so neway i might have to cut it if it doesn’t pick up by next week. sssssssooooooo. that’s about it, i haven’t been writing much sorry. not many new fic entries will b added soon. oh happy b-day to the king. u no Elvis Presley. oh and did neone hear about that kid who glued himself to his bed so he wouldn’t have to go to school????? yeah, some kids at my school were all like “i should’a thought of that” and im all like “he still had to go to school cuz his mom found him and called 911 to detach him from the bed.”

hello people!!!!! today I’ll be typing an excerpt from my fan fic of extras.

 Dakota was going to find out who HIM was one way or the other. she found herself running. running as fast as she could. past O.R. 1, 2, 3. past dr cables office past her own office which she had worked soooooo hard to earn. she was basically throwing all that hard work away. that was ok though. she knew now that what tally had told her was true. it was all coming back, all her ugly memories. she could remember more and more as she ran, with the excitement building. the iciness of this was epic, nothing would ever top finding out if it was who she thought it was. and if it was who she thought, she would go crazy, that would be, amazing. all the things added up that Dr cable had let slip, it was all coming back. if it was who she thought it was, her best friend in the whole world that had abandoned her because of going to new pretty town, abandoned her to look at normal pretty faces, abandoned her  because of age. she couldn’t wait to see the look on his face. finally the end of the hall. finally those strange rusty stained glass windows set in to the beautifully dark door made of mahogany, found left in the rusty runes, she’d never actually seen the door here, she’d never been this far down the twists and turns of the third floor. but she knew the door, it was the one she was expecting. they’d found this door in the rusty runes, a very long time ago. she was 99.9 percent sure she knew exactly who it was. she burst through the door.

she gasped, she couldn’t help but be surprised. he’d been right underneath her nose, not at all where she’d thought he was. “yes, yes i knew it… its you ….”

mwah hahahahahaha. hehe i think you might keep reading next time i say i add. this won’t be for a very long while, though. keep a look out.  mwah hahahahahahahahah. I’ve left you hanging. hehe.well that’s it. I’ll never tell who he is btw. not until that part of the story neway. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

luv ya toots

:-9 hehe 

hello everyone!!!!! do you like the new layout???? comment and tell me which you guys like best.

WHOO!!!!!!! just thought I’d say that. cuz u no wat????? i gotz the new fan fic up!!!!!! WHOO.      

THE EXTRAS FAN FICTION IS NOW UP!!!!!!!!! GO READ SECTION 1 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!! HOPE U GUYS LIKE IT, IF YOU DO COMMENT. TELL ME WAT U THINK NEEDS FIXED. neway it should rock!!!! WHOO! i also got sumpin else new. a TRIVIA QUESTION! and  POLL. not the kind of pole that holds up a building or that strippers dance on. ill start off easy w/ the trivia questions then they’ll get harder, the subject will change everyday. Mon.=the uglies books (all of them) Tues.=peeps if its a Wednesday it will b on scotts words from books. Thursday, Scott himself. Friday, it will b on anything not even necessarily books!!! if its Saturday it will b on the midnighters trilogy. I’ll pick a winner randomly course they’ll have to have the right answer. the reward ur name will b posted w/ a suggestion 2 the site of ur choice, u’ll be the person of the week!!!! and of course the satisfaction of being a wiener, oops i mean winner.hehe, ne way today I’ll post on Mondays subject. u have to comment ur answer. the winner will be posted on saturdays. the poll will simply show the answer to what the people think. I’ll have those weekly too. also Saturdays. they’ll be on their own pages. u comment ur answer on the poll to.

well its Sunday soooooooooooo i will leave you w/ scripture.

psalm 23:4 even if i go through the deepest darkness, i will not be afraid, Lord,for you are with me. Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect me.


the clique is a good book 4 girls. even if u  don’t like 2 read. its a book about rich girls going 2 a private school, and them them trying to get everything they want. boys,parties, shopping. but for massie block there’s just one problem. Claire Lyons. she is stuck lugging this new kid around. she cant escape Claire. Claire lives in her guest house, thanx to her father.but now, is Claire going to steal her crush too????? read the clique to find out. its a good book but its not my favorite in the whole world. 

i had to go to school today. it sucked. i got a book report due mon. i have to think of a topic for a research paper we’ll be duing for 4-6 weeks that partains to what we want our career to be. again suck-ish. bored bored bored. huuuh well annoncing the soon 2b newest addition to my site. soon i will have another fan fic 4u 2 read. EXTRAS fan fic. not in tally or ayas pov. a NEW character!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will b up eventually 4 now enjoy my other fics.