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the clique is a good book 4 girls. even if u  don’t like 2 read. its a book about rich girls going 2 a private school, and them them trying to get everything they want. boys,parties, shopping. but for massie block there’s just one problem. Claire Lyons. she is stuck lugging this new kid around. she cant escape Claire. Claire lives in her guest house, thanx to her father.but now, is Claire going to steal her crush too????? read the clique to find out. its a good book but its not my favorite in the whole world. 


im bored. so i had a blog fest on scotts blog on new years and i went to eat and my friend bran-la asked me a question and i never answered. so she asked me whwere i got the names for my midnighters fan fic.(i hope he remembered 2 read the twilight one cuz im gonna keep buggin him till he does if u did comment so i no!!!!!!) so im gonna explain how i got the names for all of my fan fics. soooo i only  have 1 character right now in the twilight one, elizabeth. well you see my middle name is elizabeth. i like the name its pretty. i needed a name with a nick name cuz i like nick names. sssssssssooooooo,elizabeth was born. the others weren’t so easy.


 elainie was my friend at camp, but i didn’t think about her at first. i go online and read through an index of names, is my usual. so i searched names that meant light. cuz shes the flame-bringer. soo elaine came up. but i didnt like elaine. so i added ie instead of e remembering my friend from camp.


 levi just sort of came to mind. levi is smart in the fic. my friend sarah is in tag w/ me. she used to go sumwhere else for school. she has a crush on a guy named levi. levi goes to other said school. he is also in tag. being in tag means ur Talented And Gifted. which means ur smarter than everybody else except for other kids in tag. so both these levi’s r smart.


well i was looking for some unususal names. so i looked in the w’s on my fave name index site. watson i’d heard of. butt watt was easy to remember. hes quite a bright boy, watt. and the more WATTS there r in a lightbulb the BRIGHTER it is. hehe get it. that wasn’t the original reason though that just sort of came to me.


ridly is just a coolish name isnt it. i heard of riley but, never ridly. i thought it was kinda cool. i wouldn’t name my kid that though. i was on the index site.

there will be more names added to the stories, and i will do another one of these then.

luv ya toots :-9

happy almost new year everyone!!!!

hey did everyone hear about the neat new ball they’re going to drop tonight in times square???

instead of regular light bulbs they are using led light bulbs, which emit less pollution. if people continue to save energy like this maybe the human race won’t come to an end as soon as we thought!

and for books today i think i will leave you with a list of older book you should read.

1. the count of Monte cristo by Alexander Dumas

2. the Odyssey by homer

3.romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

4. Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

5. a little princess by Frances hodgson Burnett

6.the secret garden

7. the three musketeers

and here’s a list of more modern books

1. twilight, new moon, and eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

2.the clique books by lisi Harrison

3.princess academy

i luv all these books they are all good. try to read them. i should have a review on all of these books at one time or another.i would mention more Scott westerfeld but there aren’t any more.

OK I’m really bored. so I’m going to review some of my fave books.

Scott westerfeld’s extras

extras is a captivating page turner. very good book. i think that it wasn’t as good as uglies pretties or specials, though. i will have a fan fic soon enough!!!!! the plot is amazing with great new characters. i loved the sly girls. they were awesome. the face rank thing is really cool and note to Scott: i think the book would be just as good if u started a new series with it but whats done is done. its just as good.

ok now to review Scott

he’s a fawesome writer(fawesome meaning awesome if you haven’t read his books) amazing writer my favorite.if you haven’t read any of his books you definitely should. he’s amazing the best  YA author ever. writer of the praised uglies trilogy which topped the charts many times, the amazing scott westerfeld.

scott has written many sci-fi books though in my opinion they’re not really sci-fi-ish. some of his books include, the uglies trilogy with extra book appropriately named extras, peeps and the peeps sequel, the last days, the midnighters trilogy,the risen empire, and the killing of the worlds. a stand alone novel that he has is so yesterday. you can go to the bottom of my page and see my links to get to his site.