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hello people!!!!! today I’ll be typing an excerpt from my fan fic of extras.

 Dakota was going to find out who HIM was one way or the other. she found herself running. running as fast as she could. past O.R. 1, 2, 3. past dr cables office past her own office which she had worked soooooo hard to earn. she was basically throwing all that hard work away. that was ok though. she knew now that what tally had told her was true. it was all coming back, all her ugly memories. she could remember more and more as she ran, with the excitement building. the iciness of this was epic, nothing would ever top finding out if it was who she thought it was. and if it was who she thought, she would go crazy, that would be, amazing. all the things added up that Dr cable had let slip, it was all coming back. if it was who she thought it was, her best friend in the whole world that had abandoned her because of going to new pretty town, abandoned her to look at normal pretty faces, abandoned her  because of age. she couldn’t wait to see the look on his face. finally the end of the hall. finally those strange rusty stained glass windows set in to the beautifully dark door made of mahogany, found left in the rusty runes, she’d never actually seen the door here, she’d never been this far down the twists and turns of the third floor. but she knew the door, it was the one she was expecting. they’d found this door in the rusty runes, a very long time ago. she was 99.9 percent sure she knew exactly who it was. she burst through the door.

she gasped, she couldn’t help but be surprised. he’d been right underneath her nose, not at all where she’d thought he was. “yes, yes i knew it… its you ….”

mwah hahahahahaha. hehe i think you might keep reading next time i say i add. this won’t be for a very long while, though. keep a look out.  mwah hahahahahahahahah. I’ve left you hanging. hehe.well that’s it. I’ll never tell who he is btw. not until that part of the story neway. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

luv ya toots

:-9 hehe