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OK I’m really bored. so I’m going to review some of my fave books.

Scott westerfeld’s extras

extras is a captivating page turner. very good book. i think that it wasn’t as good as uglies pretties or specials, though. i will have a fan fic soon enough!!!!! the plot is amazing with great new characters. i loved the sly girls. they were awesome. the face rank thing is really cool and note to Scott: i think the book would be just as good if u started a new series with it but whats done is done. its just as good.

ok now to review Scott

he’s a fawesome writer(fawesome meaning awesome if you haven’t read his books) amazing writer my favorite.if you haven’t read any of his books you definitely should. he’s amazing the best  YA author ever. writer of the praised uglies trilogy which topped the charts many times, the amazing scott westerfeld.

scott has written many sci-fi books though in my opinion they’re not really sci-fi-ish. some of his books include, the uglies trilogy with extra book appropriately named extras, peeps and the peeps sequel, the last days, the midnighters trilogy,the risen empire, and the killing of the worlds. a stand alone novel that he has is so yesterday. you can go to the bottom of my page and see my links to get to his site.