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Tag Archives: new years

happy almost new year everyone!!!!

hey did everyone hear about the neat new ball they’re going to drop tonight in times square???

instead of regular light bulbs they are using led light bulbs, which emit less pollution. if people continue to save energy like this maybe the human race won’t come to an end as soon as we thought!

and for books today i think i will leave you with a list of older book you should read.

1. the count of Monte cristo by Alexander Dumas

2. the Odyssey by homer

3.romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

4. Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

5. a little princess by Frances hodgson Burnett

6.the secret garden

7. the three musketeers

and here’s a list of more modern books

1. twilight, new moon, and eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

2.the clique books by lisi Harrison

3.princess academy

i luv all these books they are all good. try to read them. i should have a review on all of these books at one time or another.i would mention more Scott westerfeld but there aren’t any more.