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today i will review… new moon. sorry Scott fans but i eventually would have had to review someone else. so why not now.

new moon is a captivating romance. its about, well, i really can’t tell you. its the second book in the twilight series. keeps you turning the page to see whats going to happen to bella.actually i think its my favorite in the series right now. of course the other two are called twilight and the third is eclipse the 4th book coming out is called breaking dawn and she has the first one coming out in edwards pov, its called midnight sun. i really like these books they don’t surpass scott though. both of her new books come out fall 2008. the link to her site is at the very bottom of the page under links. scott’s site is also there.

now i think i’ll review scott’s book, blue noon. blue noon is part of the midnighters trilogy. (though if the chasing midnight werewolves club or as i like to call them the chasing midnight werewolves who also like pie club gets their way it will be a series) as the third book in the series i really can’t give details. the first two books are the secret hour and touching darkness. this one is totally awesome. i love it and soon enough there will be a fan fic on my page. the chasing midnight werewolves club has a pretty sure this is the club site they have individual blogs too though check links at bottom of page.warning though theirs is a fan fic read the books first.scotts on my links.