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ok, no, i didn’t just finish it, but let me tell you, over the summer when i did, i was freakin out over it. that was a great ending. the book was filled with twists and turns, things you expected, and things you didn’t. there were parts where you wanted to stand up, dance, and sing YESSSS!!!, thanking the lord for stephenie meyer, and parts where you wanted to hit your knees, scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and curse her name too. part where you said awww, poor this person, and a TON of laughable parts where you start laughing while you’re reading it in the store and people turn to stare at you with this bewlidered look that says “what in the world is she laughing at?” i had plenty of those moments. there were also times where (if you didn’t already) you wanted to rip someone’s head off and scream cuss words at them, even though you know you shouldn’t cuss, so you just think them really hard in your head. great book, anyway, i highly recommend it (after you read the first three). it was so worth the fit of hysterical laughter that i couldn’t stop at the release.