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by the way im only a fan not related to stephenie at all(u get the point not as in family but as in website



there was a knock on the door. i didn’t really know what to do. i was home,(and by home i meant the Cullens’s) but alone. well, sort of alone. i was the only one in the house. i had went inside to get a ponytail holder to put my hair up, for one of those rare warm days in Forks, Washington. i decided i should at least look to see who it was. i peeked out the window. i didn’t recognize the girl, or rather woman. she was a tall, reddish blond. her eyes weren’t gold though, they were purple, but i could tell the girl was a vampire. she was unlike any vampire i had ever seen. she had the usual dazzling beauty, but though she was standing in the sun, she wasn’t all glittery and sparkly. she didn’t have circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, she was incredibly white though. which she should be since she didn’t have blood pumping through her veins. though she looked foreign. she had a light olive tint to her skin. her teeth were incredibly white, and when she moved you could see the muscles ripple beneath her skin. her eyes suddenly changed color. they were now bright red. this wasn’t good for me.she was getting impatient. she was pacing now, though she was incredibly graceful while doing so. “Bella” Alice called,”hurry up!”. “crap” said the unknown vampire, and she disappeared. “finally” i said. i started for the door. something caught me by the arm, with an iron hard grip. ” Bella,” said a voice, i didn’t recognize the voice.”my name’s Elizabeth Bells, where’s Edward???” she was speaking in a heavy italian accent.”i don’t know” i lied, squirming to get free. “your lying, stop squirming so i can read you. hum hum hum, i know exactly what i can do to get back at him. Come on.” “hel…” was all i could manage out before she clapped her hand over my mouth. “now listen Bella, I’m not going to hurt you ,now come with me.”

section 2 chapter 1

She took me to an expensive looking Porsche. “What is that ?” I asked Elizabeth. “oh this thing. She’s one of my favorite cars. She was hard to get. it’s a Porsche Carrera GT. A fine Italian made racecar.” “racecar?” I asked nervously. “don’t worry I won’t go to fast. I’ve got some self-control unlike Edward. We’ll go shopping just to scare him.” “scare him??”“yeah what’d you think I was going to do??? Going to rip my best friend’s life away! I wouldn’t do that to him. eat his bride??? He he. I want to get back at him for forgetting me. I wasn’t invited to the fight or his wedding. Humph. I go away for 2 years and don’t even get a letter saying he was getting married! I can’t even visit my family in Italy. He’s going to flip out.Are you hungry??? I feel like having a chocolate Sunday.”


“oh yeah, you see the venom of a vampire is hard to explain. I was bitten, but half the venom was sucked out by my father, though he was not yet a vampire either. So the venom apparently couldn’t take full effect, so I share the characteristics of a vampire with the characteristics of a human. I eat food ,but don’t need it. I sleep, but don’t have to. These things just help me.”


“oh my eyes are very strange too, they change color with emotion. I heard you think about that earlier”

an awkward silence filled the car.

“ so you’re getting married soon. I’ll buy you a wedding present now. Come on, here we are in Seattle. Here’s my favorite store. I’m gonna buy you so many outfits your head is gonna spin!!!”

and that’s just what she did clothes, outfits, shoes, accessories. The whole mile. then she dressed me up, and put makeup on me, and did my hair, all in a mere 30 min.

“ok we can go now” she said

“I think the panic has set in, I warned everyone else before hand, though.” she added

“your devilish” I responded

“I know”

When we got back Edward basically ripped me out of the car.

“hasn’t Charlie ever taught you not to except rides from strangers. Especially those who have extremely nice cars.”

“ oh please Edward, let her live a little, besides I basically kidnapped her.” “Elizabeth? Oops. Good gosh you had to kidnap Bella instead of just killing me???”


“ you nearly scared me out of my afterlife.”

“that was the point”

“you’re evil” he said

“I know” she responded

“I’m really sorry that I basically forgot about you.” he apologized

“I’m sorry that I kidnapped your fiancée, and nearly ripped your afterlife away from you.” she also apologized

“that’s ok I understand the reason”

“so I also had another dramatic entrance planned, this is where you say Elizabeth?”

“Elizabeth?” he said obediently

“Ah yes tis I l’ elizabeth di vampiro buono. Io e il mio amico, het hallo, hei, oi, hola, ciao!” she responded

“What?” I said.

“ you just had to break out the foreign languages!”

“Oh l’ Elizabeth di vampiro buono means Elizabeth the good vampire, in Italian , io e mio amico means it is I my friend, also Italian, het hallo is German, hola is Spanish, hei is I forget what, io is Portuguese, and ciao is Italian, they all mean hello.

“show off” Edward muttered.

“I’ve got to show you my new cars Edward, and show you your wedding present.”

“its not my wedding yet though”

“so I can’t wait till august, it has to be used now, shes begging to be used, you’ll love her. You know you want to know what it is. Please please please Edward.”

“ fine you’re right I do want to see it.”

We walked to the garage farthest from the house. She opened it.

“a Lamborghini!!” Edward exclaimed

“ yup, I knew you didn’t have a race car so,”

“a racecar!!!” Edward and I exclaimed.

“oh no!” I said

“oh yes!” he responded

“You saw my Porsche right?”

“I sure did” he said

“Oh wow,” she said looking at her watch

“it’s late Bella, we better get you home.” Edward said

“ maybe I should take her so he’s not ticked off at you” Elizabeth suggested

“what do you think Bella” Edward asked

“I don’t know,” I said

“ on one hand Charlie would be ticked at her not you, and he’s already ticked at you. you remember telling him about the marriage?” I said.

Edward shuddered.

“and even though she has a racecar she doesn’t drive like a maniac. And you have a new racecar. I really don‘t think you want me to throw up in it.”

Elizabeth giggled.

“ and on the other hand, ummmmmm, sorry Edward I can’t think up an argument for you.” Elizabeth continued for me.

“And on the other hand, Edward’s my fiancée.” I fixed that.

“like that really matters” Elizabeth said sarcastically

“Elizabeth,” I said “marriage doesn’t matter to you!”

“ oh please, I was just being sarcastic. And call me lizzy” she said

“K, lizzy” I responded

“I think she should take you or you could take yourself” Edward said

“that’s a great Idea Edward I’ll take myself” I said

So I went home. Charlie threw a hissy fit when I got back. And that was that. I went to my room. I waited maybe five minutes and heard Charlie go to bed . As soon as his door shut Edward was sitting beside me on my bed.

“ How did you like liz?” he inquired

“ she was nice I guess, you know except for the kidnapping stuff. She scared me at first”

“She’s a scary person” he said

“ I’m not scary,” elizabeth said .I jumped 2 feet off the bed.

“oops, sorry”

“I said to come later to give me time” Edward said

“ it is later” she responded. He glared at her.

“do you want to see or not?” she said. he sighed

“yes” he said. she was still sitting on the window sill. she held out her hand. He glided over and touched it. She closed her eyes. They remained like that for about five minutes.

“this is bad” he finally said dropping his hand.

“ maybe or maybe not , it just puzzles me.” she said opening her eyes. she must have seen the puzzled look on my face because she said

“do you want to see bella?” she asked. I nodded. She held out her hand I did just as Edward had.

We were running. Liz and I. I could feel exactly what the bella in the vision was feeling. I felt fear, but about what I was unsure. Many emotions played across my face all at once. Confusion, fear, anxiety. I kept speed with elizabeth, which was strange. I was still human I could tell, I still had my brown eyes. Not gold, not black, not even red, brown, just brown. “Go Bella, go keep running!” Liz yelled. I looked ahead.. There was Edward running toward me. “Bella!” he screamed. He reached me after what seemed like years. He embraced me tightly. “you go, get Bella out” Liz said. before she got an answer she was gone she was out of site. Then there was a bloodcurdling scream. And then,… a howl. If the scream was from Elizabeth or the enemy we could not tell. We were running anyway. then the vision went black.

chapter 1 section 3

“What does it mean” I asked.“we don’t know” Edward said.“What is your talent?” I asked Liz. “The talent of stealth,” she responded “you see, I was very stealthy as a human, so, I can steal peoples gifts, and lend them out too. I can make it seem like I wasn’t even there or I can strip the gift away and leave them with nothing. Neat huh. I can even lend out to humans. Which, I think is how you got so fast in that vision.” she said.“really,” Bella said. You could tell she was about to ask for something.

“In your dreams, there’s no way in the world id let you do that, you might hurt something, or yourself.” Edward said. Liz just rolled her eyes.

“ don’t you think about it either.” Edward said.

“ok I won’t, I don’t have any spare defences anyway, she be running around with speed and strength and maybe a few other powers too. But no protection.” Liz said giving up. He turned to me. Elizabeth winked,;-) and held out her fingers. They were crossed.

“we’ve got to make sure this never happens. Don’t go to far into the woods, Bella” Edward said. “oh and you look very nice.” the compliment was directed towards me.

“thank you” I said.

Elizabeth must have been bored, because she was hanging upside-down out the window saying “im a rabid squirrel weeeeeee this is fun.” she acted like a 12 year old. that’s what I liked about her.

“ nut uh,I act like a 13 year old not 12.” Elizabeth said

“oh my bad” I said, sarcastically

It was late I was tired.

“I’m gonna go now” she said, sensing my want to be alone with Edward. She jumped out the window. Edward was humming my lullaby already. I was soon asleep. I had a dream that night. I was watching the vision in my head. I had no doubt that I would dream about that every night until something happened.


I woke up and Edward greeted me. I glanced out the window, the sun had gone, replaced by dreary rain clouds. It was pouring outside. What was I going to do today? Lightning flashed outside followed by a peel of thunder. I sighed.

“Edward what are we doing today?”

“ nothing I suppose.” he answered.

“ oh” I said.

“ I guess we could ask Elizabeth what she’s doing, she’s always got something planned”

“ that sounds like a good idea.” I agreed.

She was staying at Edward’s until she got her house fixed. It would be her first house in the u.s. it was quite close to the cullens’s. in fact, it was right next door. It was very old, centuries, so it needed restored. When we got there, she was getting ready to leave.

“ I was going to work on the house, all it needs is some decorating. You can help if you want.”

“That sounds like fun.” I said. Edward agreed. So we went to the house. The place looked great. The grounds looked amazing. A few things needed some work.

“Edward,” said Lizzy “ the only job I can think of for you is making decisions in the sports area. First go to the baseball stadium, it’s a huge place. it’s half the height of the empire state building surrounded by hills and trees to hide it. You’ll find I bought maybe 10000 acres of land. Then go to the tennis court, it looks quite normal. Then the basketball court, you know what here’s a map. Go to all the sports places. Bella do you want to help him or me, cause I think that you’d be more helpful with me. Alice will be by soon as well.”

“ I don’t know, if you think I’d be better with you…”


“ great! Ok lets go.” she said. And she pulled me along. we went to the kitchen.

“ok” she looked around. The place was huge. It looked like the size of my living room, bedroom, and kitchen combined.

“orange, yellow, no orange and white. What do you think Bella?”

She thought about it for a minute and realized those colors were perfect for this room.

“ that sounds good.” I said.

“will you go in that room there and get can of paint” she pointed to the door across the hall.

“sure” I said. I walked across the hall and opened the door. it was to dark for me to see. I stepped forward to find a switch. I found myself falling. I reached out to catch something to stop my fall. I caught a beam of some sort. My feet were dangling into a black void which I couldn’t see the bottom of.

“ help” I screamed. something grabbed my hand.

Section 2“O MY GOD” I screamed. “ Bella, oh my gosh I’m so sorry!!!! I forgot about the hole.”But I could tell the person with the grip on my hand wasn’t Elizabeth, but she didn’t sound at all worried about the home invader holding onto my hand. whoever it was pulled me up, set me in the hall and rushed back into the closet before I could see them. But it didn’t take long for me to find out, because Edward started yelling inside of the closet.“ GOD ELIZABETH HOW THE HECK COULD YOU FORGET THE HUGE GAPING HOLE IN YOUR CLOSET THAT BELLA FELL INTO!!!??????” he screamed

“ im sorry,” she responded, sounding sincere

“SORRY!!!!!!????” he continued screaming. Edward flipped on the lights, anger burned behind his eyes. Elizabeth looked incredibly angry too, her eyes a blur of red, but in the corners, I could see just the lightest bit of a violent gray, and just the tiniest speck of yellow.

She was screaming now too.


Edward could see the specks of light color in her amazingly scarlet eyes.

“ o my god, did I hurt…” he started, but she had already stormed off.

Section 3After that episode we couldn’t find her anywhere. We even went back to the house, Esme said she hadn’t been back. So we went to the garage, Edward said she liked the garage. We went to her garage of course, the motorcycle section was missing a motorcycle. We wouldn’t have known that without the map though. she showed up the next day, soaking wet. the thing is, it wasn’t raining. Any more anyway. But it had been about an hour and a half since it had rained. And she was wearing a dry leather jacket over top. “what the heck?” Edward said.“well when I was reading bella I saw that whole cliff diving incident. I watched, and felt exactly what happened. It looked like fun.”

“you went cliff diving!!!!!” Edward said sounding like an outraged overprotective brother.

“yes. what do you care?”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT DO I CARE?” Edward yelled. Anger pulsing behind his eyes.

She quickly went up the stairs.

“bella, will you come with me please. I want to talk to you.” she said. but Edward was at the top of the stairs, blocking the way.

“your not going anywhere until you tell me what you meant by that comment.” Edward said, now calm, talking in an alluring voice. “ no, Edward you know that doesn’t work on me,” she turned to me. “please bella come.” she pleaded.“ I said your not going anywhere.” Edward stated firmly. She rolled her eyes.

“bella.” she whined. I started up the stairs.

“ no bella.” Edward commanded.

“ bella he doesn’t own you. Not even biblically until September 13.” she said.

“bella” Edward and liz said at the same time.

“fine,” liz said, “since your going to be so stubborn, I meant by that comment you shouldn’t have to care so why do you?”

“oh, that’s good I thought you were still mad at me. I care because your like a sister to me. A younger sister who continually puts herself in danger. I’ll always think of you in that way.” he said “your like my second weakness, even though I know very well that you can take care of yourself. Bella is of course my other weakness, but you know that already don‘t you.” he said grimacing

“I sure do.” she said “now can I talk to bella?” he laughed.

“ fair enough, I suppose”

“ good, cuz I was going to anyway.” she said.

we walked up the stairs to the guest bedroom. she ploped on to one of the only 2 beds in the whole house

“so what did you want to talk to me about?”

“i felt you had a few questions for me.” she answered as i sat next to her on her chocolate brown fleece bedspread.

” yeah, i wanted to know if you could explain your eyes” i said

” well,” she started ” there are the basic colors you know, black, you know what that is, red is anger, blue is sadness, green is envy. then it gets a little more complicated than what you see on mood rings, purple is content, topaz is happy, yellow is fear, gray is pain, pink is love, orange is determination, and last but not least, turquoise shows im lying, but that ive learned to control fairly well.”

“oh okay” i said

“and i saw a change. in the vision.” she stood and walked over to a drawer and started pulling clothes out and throwing them into a backpack. she tossed things in so fast as she flew across the room, that i couldn’t tell what half the stuff was.

“this wouldn’t have happend if i hadn’t come to forks. i put salt in and old wound, now i have to fix this. im looking for whatever was in that forest.” she zipped the bag.

“you know what i don’t need this stuff really, if i need it i’l come back for it. don’t tell edward please.” she sat down on the bed again.  she held out her hand for me to come touch it. i did. i felt a rush of speed flow through me, along with grace.

“don’t use them unless its an emergency” she said, halfway out the window. then she pushed off into the darkness.


CLIFF DIVING (this is what happens when elizabeth goes tromping off after her feelings are hurt by edward)


he was going to apologize for hurting my feelings as i stormed out of my own home. i seriously didn’t mean to, i did forget. i understood, hes was just mad, but that didn’t stop the string of curses that issued from my mouth as i left the house, to low for bella to hear. i scanned my mind for something dangerous but fun to do. i remembered bella thinking once about jumping off a cliff, which she actually had done, for “recreational purposes only.” i knew the real reason but i wasn’t going to tell edward.

so i went down to la push. i probably wouldn’t be welcome there, but i went anyway. i knew that as soon as i stepped over the terratory line i would probably be mauled by werewolves, but if i died it would teach edward a lesson. so i went anyway. i stepped over the line. nothing happened. my future didn’t dissapear, which it was supposed to do when crossed with a werewolves path. then just when i thought i was safe, poof my future dissapeared before my very eyes. i looked around sniffed the air, nothing. it must be in the further future, i decided.

so i walked around, and found a cliff. i pulled off my leather jacket, which really wasn’t needed today, it was warm, and the rain had stopped about an hour ago. i started at a human paced run, just in case someone was watching. i got to the edge and heard someone yell at me.

“stop” the unfimiliar voice called again. i stopped and turned around. i looked up at the sky before looking at the increadably-tall-for-his-age youth. the sky was black. a huge storm in the making. reading his thoughts and feelings i felt like i recognized him. i recognized his thoughts, i realized. jacob black, edward thought of him sometimes. he also loved bella, and had saved her from jumping of this very cliff. i held back a laugh, he thought i was as helpless and clutzy as isabella swan.

“you could drown!” the boy yelled. i never realized that i smelled like a human. i was looking through dogboys eyes as i gave a wave that said, “ha as if i’d listen to you, the hell with you” with the matching smile. i tipped myself backwards over the cliff. wow, it did feel as good as bella had thought it. i saw jacob jump off, his face determined, determined to save me. this time i couldn’t hold back my laughter. i pierced the water like a knife. and popped straight back up and swam to shore, planning to do it again. dogboy pierced the water as i surfaced at the shore

he started swimming around looking for me. i laughed again. when he surfaced for air i yelled.

“hey, what ARE you doing?” he stared at me wide-eyed.

“yeah, im not in the water!” i called once more. he swam to shore.

“what the HECK?” he asked as he reached me. “what were you thinking jumping off a cliff like that?” he didn’t even know me and he already sounded like edward.

“what do you care” i asked, he didn’t answer.

“its turning into a hurricane out there!!! you could have died.” his eyes were soft as he yelled at me, in his head his thoughts were making me want to barf. i thought he loved bella, not me,a girl from italy who he didn’t even know the name of. huummm, a word bella had pondered in my precence once came to mind, imprinting. i couldn’t smell him, hummm, another human sense i supposed.

“elizabeth bells” i introduced myself.


“i know who you are.” i cut him off.

“i’ve never met you before, you new around here?” he asked

“yeah just moved here from italy, came to see the cullens.” he shuddered. i was trying to drop hints

“are they old friends?” he asked politly

“yeah we go WAY WAY back” he still didn’t get it. he was dumb as a door nail.

“you want to go to a bonfire tonight at 7?” he asked

maybe the other werewolves weren’t so stupid.

i waited for 7, and it finally came. i walked silently towards the beach. they were all there the werewolves, turned the opposite direction. i walked over, they still didn’t turn.

“hey guys.” i said. they all flipped around. the bonfire was like any. i went back to the cliff and dived all night. i could feel his eyes on me. jacob was madly in love. and the thing was, he was kinda likeable after i thought about it. he wouldn’t be so bad.

to bad i had a boyfriend sort of. he hadn’t said anything but we were close. i missed him. i got a text as i got to my jacket. it was from one of my friends in italy. it was a pic. christian (said crush) kissing my friend May!!! well forget that. to the werewolf! i invited him to go cliff diving with me, and to lunch afterword. he got a little to close for first date comfort, but it was fun. we went to lunch almost everyday for a week. then he invited me to his house. we went to his garage, he showed me his bikes. i said i had some and he wanted to go see. i blushed a little. (the little that i could) i showed him the one i had with me, and said that it probably wasn’t a good idea to go to my house. he asked little questions. then i went home. i was scolded when i got there. alice hadn’t said a thing. i love that little girl. she gave me a good glaring, though.


still elizabeth.

i knocked on jake’s door. billy answered.

“he’s not here, he’ll be back soon, just missed him” he muttered.

“oh thanks billy.” i said shutting the door. i saw him streaking through a forest, i was in his head. he was going fast, not far from here. i watched through sams eyes as he changed. they were after a vampire, a vampire from the volturi. i gasped a soft gasp and ran near, just out of site. i saw the vampire. it was jane.

“no” i whispered. jake heard me, flipping around.

“crap” i said, but a few curses tumbled out after. jake ran at me. dipping his nose and flipping me onto his back. i was agitated, because i could take care of myself, but it probably wasn’t the right time. he dropped me in the middle of the road. ran to one end, changed, and trying to hide the fact he was a werewolf, ran to the other side of the forest to walk out.

“i know what you are, i’ve known.” i whispered, he looked astonished.

“what am i? i thought i was a human.” he said, trying to hide it.

“don’t be stupid, jake. your a werewolf.” i said.

“crap, how did you know?”

” i just… knew. automatically, from the first time i saw you.”

“i knew when i first saw you that i loved you.” he said, leaning closer, and closer. then our lips touched. he was warm, his lips soft. not marble like a vampires. it was a change that i liked. i pressed myself closer, forgeting my secret. then i remembered that i probably felt like kissing a rock. i pulled away. but i apparently felt better than i thought because he pulled me closer. i really hoped he didn’t have any cuts in his mouth. i felt his tongue trying to poke through, and pulled away. he held tight, so i had to use half my strength.

“tongue isn’t a great idea.” i said breathlessly.

“why not?”he asked, also breathless.

“because i have a confession to make” i said


yeah, i really did. i hoped this was the right choice, he would probably hate me.

“because i’m a,… a vampire.” i finally ended. he looked disgusted. that was the look i was afraid of.

“really, no lie?” he asked “you don’t smell or look like one.”

“half vampire” i said sadly, because i could see what would happen. i was sad, lonley and misrable. the look of disgust spread. hate came in too. he started to back away slowly. sobs started,tears even seeped out. the sobs were generally dry but shook my frame. sadness took over. he stopped, taken aback. but I turned and ran. he must of been convinced that a heartless vampire still had feelings, because he yelled, but i wasn’t listening. i hyped up my speed to as fast as it went and ran all the way home, leaving my motorcycle at jakes.

bellas pov

after being given the powers and elizabeth jumping out the window. 

she was gone for days. edward was very worried. what could happen to her? why is she taking so long? i was worried i realized. good gosh where could she be. is she hurt? edward asked me several times if i knew where she was. as requested i always denied any knowledge of where she was.

     after weeks of worrying, she walked through the door. she looked quite confident. i was the only one in the livingroom when she walked in. i ran to her.

“are you ok?” i asked. edward was right it was like having a younger sister, even though elizabeth was 90 years older than me.

“im fine and whats more important your fine.” she answered before calling;

“im home!”

i saw everyone rush into the room all at once. i saw a flurry of hugs being delivered. and edward yelled at her.

” WHERE WERE YOU?” he screamed

“wow you yell a lot. bella will tell you” she said “i need to get packed,”

“WHAT?” everyone said at once. she smiled

“my house is finished!” she said “and you’re all invited to my party on saturday. i invited half of forks.”

“oh thats lovely dear,” said esme

 everyone was now talking about the party, and elizabeth and alice were looking at me suspisiously.

It was Saturday.


“what do you mean why?” Elizabeth asked me

“why me?” I clarified

“don’t be so melodramatic, Bella” she said

“im not being melodramatic, you did this on purpose. You know I hate parties, and ballroom dancing, that’s just cruel.” she grinned

“I love ballroom dancing. So does Edward.”

“still why me?”

“ number one once I’m finished with you, you’ll be a piece of chocolate to a woman on an all veggie diet, and I feel like bothering edward. Two, I love parties!!!!”

“who are you, Alice?”

“oh please, Bella. Stop whining and squirming.”

“huuuuuh” I let out an exasperated sigh. This was a battle I wasn’t going to win. It was like prom all over again. It had been a weeks since falling down that hole in the closet. Liz’s house was now finished, in fact we were in her room. Her room was a dark purple, trimmed in gold. We were sitting on a golden canopy bed, with purple linens. A bed in here was quite unusual for a vampire, since they didn’t sleep. But then again Elizabeth was only part vampire sooo.

The room was huge, and brightly lit. It had a walk in closet the size of my room. The dining hall was even bigger, almost as big as my whole house, which, Edward had told, me wasn’t unusual for Elizabeth. Her favorite hobby was entertaining. She was worse than Alice. The front hall is where the dancing would be held. Liz had invited the whole town almost, it was supposed to be a housewarming party, but presents weren’t required. It was being thrown by Alice, supposedly, for Liz, but Liz had done a great deal of planning. It was formal dress, which, for Liz and Alice meant, dress Bella up like a Barbie doll. We had gone shopping that morning, it was Saturday, Liz had woken me at 8:30. We went around, only shopping for shoes, because amazingly she wore the same size as I did. Her feet were bigger though, she told me, she wore a size 8 while I wore 7’s. she said she could wear 7’s but they were tight in width.

She had eyed me, and decided, that blue would be the best color on me. Most people thought that. She had even picked a less dangerous shoe for me. The heel was barely an inch. Other than that it was a death trap, there was barely any support. A ribbon around the ankle, and one across the wide part of my foot. It was a deep sapphire color. I was in front of a mirror, as liz insisted that I know and like what I looked like. My brown hair was pin straight, which had taken simply FOREVER. My hair was covering one of my eyes, which I said I didn’t like because that would make walking even more dangerous, but of course alice and liz insisted.

“it makes you look even prettier, bella.” alice said. Now we were raiding liz’s closet.

“here it is!” liz exclaimed.

“ohhhh it is pretty” alice said. Liz stepped out with a floor length, sapphire blue strapless silk dress. It was pretty. They suited me up, shoes and all. They put some make-up on me, not a lot, and we went downstairs. It was about 6, the party started at seven. The food smelled delicious.

“where’s Edward?” I asked. The doorbell rang.

“I forced him to stand outside and wait like a gentleman then knock when I told him to.” elizabeth said. I found myself being forced upstairs by alice.

Elizabeth glided up the stairs.

“hold out your hand.” she commanded I did and she grabbed it. I felt a rush of confidence and grace, I knew exactly what she had done, against Edward’s wishes she was letting me test some more grace and some confidence of a vampire. I noticed that she was still in her Nikey sweat suit.

“how are you going to get ready on time?” I asked

“I have time.” she said, as she glided back down the stairs. She opened the door.

“hello Edward, your early.”

“you told me to be here,”

“No you must have misunderstood” she said, grinning.

“you’ll just have to stand outside for another hour.” she slammed the door in his face

“hey!” he exclaimed

“go to my room bella” she said. I went, as I did I heard the door open.

“fine you may come in, but you can’t see bella until the other guests arrive”

“WHAT!” he exclaimed. She sniggered.

“sorry,” she said

“no you’re not”

“yeah, you’re right. I’m not. Do what you please until then, please excuse me, I must get ready.” she said

She met me there in the hall.

“that was mean” I said

“yup” she responded. She walked into her room and I followed. She was already half way through straightening her long reddish blond hair. She finished the other half while I watched. Then pulled it into a ponytail. She quickly braided that ponytail. Then went to the closet. She pulled out a red dress. The dress was floor length, and strapless like mine, but unlike mine it had a rip up the side for a leg to stick out. She wore a one and a half inch strappy pair of high heals. She was incredibly beautiful. The doorbell rang. “7:00,” sang liz “ right on time.”

she glided halfway down the stairs, but was stopped by edward.

“its 7:00”

“yes it is.”

“where’s bella?” i heard her sigh. then she called my name

“bella, mr.impatient wishes to see you.” i walked out, using the grace i was given. i knew she wanted me to use it. i could just tell. she was smiling at me, edward was wide-eyed as i walked down the stairs. he glared at liz. she shrugged and the doorbell rang again. she glided over and opened the door. many people walked throgh the door. she directed them all to the large double doors at the end of the hall. the ballroom. edward held out his hand and escorted me there.

     the place looked amazing, beautiful marble floors, and a large chandelire hung from the ceiling. the music playing was classic. edward swept me into whirls and spins as we skated across the floor like it was ice. soon alice took over the greeting, and emmette suddenly requested the guest of honor to sing.

“sing liza, sing. sing somthing slow, but modern.” he yelled. she blushed, but forfilled the request. she choose “what hurts the most” by rascle flatts. most people just stood gaping while she sang. so after that edward suggested somthing more upbeat, she sang and sang and sang. finally alice baled her out by giving her greeter duty. she walked off the stage and went pale, or well paler. her eyes got wide and she stuck her nose just slightly in the air. if i haden’t been paying such close attention i wouldn’t have been able to tell she was sniffing the air. her eyes got wider. she looked around for edward. she spotted us and ran forward. 

“do you smell it?” she asked.

“smell what?” she ran to the entrance hall.

“alice” edward called over the crowd. she was already at his side.

“watch bella for me please” alice’s eyes were just as wide as liz’s.

“of course.” she said edward ran for the entrance hall.


edward ran in after me.

“where are you going? whats wrong? who’s here?” then he picked up the sent.


“yeah” i responded as i ran up the stairs to change. then i stopped. i ran back into the hall, most people were headed to the dining hall to eat. i spotted bella and alice

“bella, alice!” i called. they both ran towards me.

“whats going on?” bella asked.

“the volturi.” i said. she gasped. i grabbed her hand and showed her.

“don’t leave this house.” i told her. “alice, jasper, esme and rose will all be here protecting you. edward, carlisle, emmette, and i will all be hunting them.” then i turned and ran. back up the stairs, i threw on a black leather outfit, with matching boots and jumped out my window. everyone was waiting there for me.

“split up, i’m not sure exactly where they are. carlisle, you check near the sports complexses, edward, search the woods around my house. emmette, you search the area around your house. i’ll search the woods around your house. call if you need anything, or if you found some of them. i know the volturi and they’ll be scattered all over the place.”

i took off. i started in the woods just behind the house, no one was there. then i looked near the garages. that’s where i found them.

“we’ve been expecting you.” i heard jane say. i looked over and saw them all. jane and the three. ”

you’re in the wrong place though. we’ve already sent 5 agents to take down your guard and to take bella. oh, look here they come now. 5 people, each with their own prisoner, stepped into the clearing. 4 of them walked to the edges, one dropped their prisoner and walked to his master.

“christian?” i asked, baffled. the vampire hung his head.

“i was going to forgive mays kiss but this…” i said slowly and carefully, making sure my voice didn’t break.

“i’m sorry about that.”

“i thought you were my friend.” i exclaimed forlornly. my dear christian, they forced him to do this, said a quiet voice in the back of my head. i would have listened to it, but the hurt voice in the front of my head, the same one that remembered the kiss with may, was screaming “how could you” to loudly for me to hear it .my dear love christian, with his copper hair and topaz eyes. i often thought of him. edward told me i needed to stop because it was gross when my mind was open for the reading. that had changed recently, jake was just as sweet, but edward still didn’t know about him.

“i thought you…” i couldn’t bring myself to say it. i thought you loved me was what i wanted to say. but i remembered May and this but i still had had a glimmer of hope that he would at least be my friend.

“it’s not my fault, elizabeth!” he finally cried. i turned from him.

“change bella, or else we’ll kill the girl” said jane as she caught me off guard and grabbed me by the throat. he stepped forward and bent into a crouch. bella was awake by now and her eyes were wide with fear. i remembered a promise edward and i made to each other when we were newborns. we promised to protect each others happiness no matter what it cost us. it would take edward a good three seconds to get here. “edward” i called his name in my head.

     christian pounced.

“no” i screamed squirming away and throwing myself in front of bella.

back to bellas pov

“no!” elizabeth screamed and blocked me with her body. christian hit her hard. she screamed as edward, carlisle, and emmette ran up.

“elizabeth?” christian whispered. she was curled up in a ball at his feet. she just moaned.

“are you okay elizabeth?” christian asked as he kneeled. “i didn’t mean to lizabeth, i didn’t mean to. im sorry.”

i stared at him wide eyed. i heard the cruel laughter of jane behind him. his anger flared. he looked at me. then he spun around and flew for jane’s neck. he caught her off guard, her scream echoed through the cold, dark night. she fell to the ground at his feet. edward was at my side and smashed my face into his chest, but i couldn’t take my eyes off elizabeth.

     she was wreathing in pain on the ground. her face curled into a grimace that looked like it could be permenant. edward was pulling me away. i could see the fight break out between the volturi and the cullens as we exited the clearing. i watched as elizabeth stood bravely and started fighting despite her injury. i hoped she would be okay. it appeared as though she would be as she beheaded someone.

“come bella” edward whispered.

the fight raged on until after the end of the party. finally, after hours and hours of waiting, everyone came in, all uninjured. except for elizabeth, who came in and lay on her couch

elizabeth’s pov

it burned like hell. i came into my house, followed by the rest of the cullens and christian. edward rushed up to me.

“are you okay?” he asked in a troubled voice. in his mind he whispered “thank you so much.”

“no” i responded and ploped onto my couch, curling into a little ball.

“carlisle?” i asked quietly.

“what is it dear?” he leaned in close to hear me. because i was speaking very quietly, even for a vampire. barely audible by even the most sensitive ears.

“can i have some moraphine?” i requested. he looked at me solumly.

“honey, i don’t think i could get a needle into your skin.”

“stupid marble skin” i muttered under my breath. he chuckled. i felt myself being picked up.

“where’s your bedroom?” christian asked quitetly in my ear.

“i’ll show you” edward offered. i looked over at him. his eyes were wide in their innocense. too wide. i bobbed my head. he was counting in prime numbers, hiding somthing from me. i was too curious to turn him down. he started to my room. he walked down the hall and turned into my bedroom. i decided to fake unconciousness. i was gently placed on my bed, then kissed on the forehead.

“now you listen to me,” edward started. “that girl is like a sister to me, and if you ever hurt her…” he trailed off.

“i would never dream of hurting her” i had to open my eyes. chrisrian’s eyes burned with sincerity. i could tell edward didn’t belive one bit of it, even though it was all so true. and he would only be my friend… or would he. i had a choice.


i’ve been worried all week. she won’t let anyone see her, not even me, her best friend. darned elizabeth. all i know is that her boyfriend did something that hurt her. no one knows whats wrong with her, not even bella or christian, (said bf) her only admitted visitors. she won’t even let them LOOK at her. she won’t tell me whats wrong. its so frustrating.

     i heard a noise coming from upstairs, bella and i were the only ones in the house, christian was hunting. bella was coming down the stairs.

“she’s coming out!” she said with glee. “she doesn’t hurt anymore!”

“will you tell me what happened that night while we’re waiting.” i asked, practically begged. her brow creased in the most adorable way.

“i don’t know” she whispered.

“go ahead” i heard liz call. i looked at her eagerly, not able to contain my curiousity any longer. she told me everything, how it wasn’t christians fault, he was to liz like i was to bella. how she was tryin to keep her promise to me. (yeah, liz told about the promise, even thogh she wasn’t supposed to)

“wow” i said when the story was over. “crap, she’s only half vampire, that must suck.”

“what must suck?” bella asked

“going through the transformation twice”


i looked in the mirror. i had gotten skinnier. not by much, i still fit into my clothes, but i was thinner enough to notice. i had purple circles under my eyes, which, thank God, still changed color. i probably glowed in the sunlight now, but hopefully that little one billionth of human still had some say. i wanted to choose to be sparkly or not. i smelled different. i would probably never eat chocolate again. that one made me sigh.

stupid halfness, i was gonna miss it. my hair looked better, even being matted from being bedridden, shinier, straighter, smoother. on the plus side i was probably faster,stronger, and sexier.

“huuummmm?” i wondered aloud.

“i wonder if i could beat emmette in a wrestling match?”

i jumped out the window. i was going to see how different my sent was. i slide in the front door.

“who’s there?” i heard edward yell. hehe, yes, i did smell different. edward sprinted into the room.

“it’s just me edward.” i said. he looked at me, gawking and contemplating every change. bella came in after him. she stopped midstride and tripped because of her surprise. i dashed over and beat edward. i caught her just before she hit the ground.

“wow” they said in unison.

“thanks, i like it too.” i responed.

“you look different” bella said. i mimiced a phone ringing and act like i was picking one up.

“hello?” i said “they want to speak to you captian obvious.”

“hehehe, very funny.” bella said.


she was a lot different. she was thinner, and had purple circles under her eyes. she looked stronger, and was probably faster. her redblond hair was shinier and straighter. her cheaks were hollow, which made her prettier. i couldn’t wait to be a vampire now.

     she stared off into space for a moment. then after a minute she gasped.

“what is it liz, a vision?” edward asked. she nodded, as if she couldn’t speak.

“what happened?” i asked ernestly. she was still having the vision, i could tell. her eyes got wider as she watched, as if it got more horrifing as she watched.

“what is it?” edward asked as she came back to earth.


“no…” she said still staring off into space. “not bella, not edward! leave them alone!!!!” she screamed.

“no, No, NO!” she screached. a tear streamed down her face, wait vampires can’t cry.

“well i obviously can!” she snapped. “i’m sorry, bella, i didn’t mean to be mean. i- i have to go.” she made a dash for the door. edward blocked her way.

“where are you going?” edward asked. “hey, unblock your mind!”

“no!” she yelled as she threw a glass bowl off the table next to the door my way. edward ran to catch it, and as he did she jumped out the window. i dodged the bowl, amazingly. edward gasped at my sudden collection of coordination. i looked out the window, elizabeth rolled to her feet.

“you couldn’t have done something like that when you were about to be hit by the van?” he asked sarcastically.

“hehehe” i fake laughed. “fuuuunny, are we going to follow her?”

“no, when she get’s where she’s going she’ll send word.”

“wow how unbrotherly of you.” i giggled


i ached with the lonleiness of losing jake, but i was pretty sure that christian loved me. he’d been acting really weird while i was sick. he still didn’t say anything so i decided to not jump to conclusions. i figured edward wasn’t following me as i got to the front of the house. waves of emotion hit me hard, along with sent. great, i’d inhearited jaspers sensitivity. the smell was jake’s.

     the feel was confusion. i stood and listened to his thoughts and watched as my future dissapeared. which meant i couldn’t avoid him. he was debating what to do. to forgive me or to reject me again. he was returning my bike. i could feel his love for me and his revoltion of vampires. 

“liz?” he called. “elizabeth?” crap stupid dog. didn’t he know the cullens lived about 500 feet away and that edward was in my house frequently. wait. how’d he find my house?

“liz!?” he yelled again i listened to edward and heard him flying down the stairs.

“jake over here!” i called as loud as i could. edward stopped. “jake?” i heard him think. fury hit me and i moaned. jake rounded the corner as edward came running out.

“damn you jake! what the hell are you doing? edward’s here, my overprotective 110 year old brother!” i hissed. he gawked.

“damn you look differnt liz.” he said. edward rounded the corner.

“damn” i whispered. fury burned edwards pretty topaz eyes as he ran towards jake. i was hiding in a bush. jake looked confused. and i came running out of the bush and hit edward hard on the side.

“elizabeth? whats going on? what is that dog doing with your favorite bike? why are you protecting a werewolf?” edward asked so quickly i was sure jake couldn’t understand. bella came around the corner. and gasped at the site of jacob.

“jacob?” she asked

“hi bells” he called cheerfully. mostly because he couldn’t be hurt by his feelings for her.

“what are you doing here jake?” she asked. edward was by her side half sheilding her from jake but thoroughly confused by jakes only friendly thoughts towards her. i stood from the ground.

“jacob was returning my bike” i said calmly.

“bella maybe you should go inside” edward said in a confused voice.

“hum” she said “maybe.” she walked back around the corner and shut the door behind her. edward went to half sheilding me instead.

“why does he have your bike, elizabeth?” he asked calmly. i could see jake getting angry, he was vibrating. i touched edwards hand. he glared at me. he turned and crossed his arms.

“why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. i felt myself blush. oh yay i could still blush, but i knew that wouldn’t last past the end of my first year.

“because you would be mad.” i whispered low and quickly.

     he sighed.

“your right i probably would have been mad.” he said “but your hiding something. besides just hanging out with a werewolf.”

“i…i” i studered.

“just tell me the truth please.” he said.

“can i talk to jake first?” i felt like i was talking to a father. i felt heat creep up into my face. he snickered. i think my blush developed a blush.

“sure, sure” he laughed. i knew he would be watching ne from the windows and from jakes mind. i could stop him from watching through the window though.

“walk with me” i said.

“okay” he said.

“i’ll stay out of your mind and let you tell me what you wanted to as if you were talking to a human.” i said waiting for the question, you can read minds? i remembered why i had jumped out my window in the first place. to stop the volturi from their next strike. i would have to tell him that too then edward would know. sadness. oh well. i would just have to tell him not to come.

“where are we going?” he asked, the expected question didn’t come.

“you asked to see my bikes, we’re going to my garage.”

“really?” his anxiousness dissapated as he heard he was going to see cars and bikes.

“yes, you wanted to talk to me?”

“oh yeah.” his anxiousness reappeared.  “what happened to you?” he asked

“i was bitten by and ex, well he wasn’t exactly my ex, we were never really ‘together'” i put air quotes around together. because well we weren’t ever officially together.

“someone bit you?” he sounded mad.

“he was aiming for bella because the volturi threatened to kill me. but i got in front of bella. i was having a party, and they came. so i was the first to find them and they caught everyone except for the searchers and he went for bella and i jumped in front. and he didn’t mean to and he was acting really weird lately,” i found myself rambling and started crying over the memories.

“oh dear, don’t cry.” he said sweetly and quietly. i started sobbing over how kind he was being when i didn’t desearve it. i felt weak. i hated feeling weak. i sobbed even more over people thinking im weak. i was in a crying spiral and cryed over every little thing that came to mind, i couldn’t stop. tears poured down my cheeks. jake was worried and confused. i could tell he thought it was his fault.

“its. not. your. fault” i said through my sobs. he took me in his arms and squeezed lightly. then he pulled me into a kiss. warmth spread through my body. he pulled away.

“i’m sorry.” he whispered. i was still crying but not as badly. sobs no longer shook me.

“it’s my fault, i was lying.” i said sniffling.

“so was i.” he said quietly. i looked into edwards mind. he wasn’t angry. a wave of love took over me. i looked up at jake. his eyes were soft, caring, loving.

i heard something in the bushes. i hadn’t been paying attention. i smelled christian. so did jake.

“who’s that?” he asked.

“christian” i answered. he could keep may. he was only my friend. i hope he understood that. jake looked confused.

“he’s the one who bit me.” i said quietly. “he’s just my friend now. i love you.” i said looking up at him.

“how old are you?” he asked. my eyebrows raised up on my forehead. “just curious.” he said.

“how old are you?” i asked


“93 years older than you.” i responded.


“i have to catch a flight to italy.” i said, pulling out of his grasp.

“why?” he asked.

“to visit some relatives.” i said, grinning. edward might not get it i thought. “you can see my garage when i get back”

“awwww, but i wanted o see it now.” he whined. a crooked smile creeping across his face.

“if you really want to that badly then you can ask edward to take you.”

“on second thought, i think i’ll wait.” he said.

“thats what i thought.” i said grinning again.

“bye” he said, leaning in and kissing me once more. i was overwhelmed by his warmth again. “your hands are cold” he said, pulling away. i laughed.

“yeah they are. your hands are like fire.” i said giggling. i leaned closer and kissed him again. i heard edward yelling from the house.

“i got my shot guns ready!” he said in his best father-like accent. i laughed again.

elizabeths pov”sure you do edward!” i called laughing. “you don’t own any guns!”

“do so,” he yelled back “i gots my old hunting gun!”

“that doesn’t count!” i yelled “it probably doesn’t even work!” i heard something whizz through the air i moved a step to the side. the bullet peirced the spot where i had been standing milli-seconds before.

“bye jake.” i said sweetly. a small smile spreading across my face. i stood on my toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek. 

“bye” he said in a dreamy voice. he had a far away look plastered on his face. i chuckled.

“you might want to go, i can’t protect you from edward when i’m not here.” oops wrong choice of words.

“i don’t need any protecting!” he said. he looked insulted.

“just go” i rolled my eyes. he so did need protecting. he just didn’t realize it. he took off. 

“bye edward,” i called “bye bells”

“goodbye” they called in unison. i climbed back through my window. they must of been downstairs. i packed a bag full of clothes. i was sure the volturi would love my scent. vampire laced with werewolf. so i changed into a green leather outfit that hugged my body. the boots were matching and quite comfortable. i took off.

     i reached the airport and bought a ticket for a first class ride to italy. the flight wasn’t crowded because it was almost midnight. i sat in my seat hugging my knees, wondering what was to become of me. i missed jake already. i fell into a semi-consious state. i couldn’t be unconcious because now i was a full bloded vampire. i could tell i would get to stretch my powers when i got there. i was going to be quite angry if it happened like i saw.

     i had a dream, well a daydream because i wasn’t asleep. i dreamed of jake. just out of my reach and blurting sweet nothings out to me. his russet skin had a glow about it. he had shadows beneth his eyes. his eyes were a handsome topaz. he was paler than usual, as if he had a cold. i examined the changes. it couldn’t be. it was physically impossible. no way in the world. he couldn’t be a…

    the plane hit the runway with a bump. i was pushed into full consiousness.

twilight fan fic

     i walked into the tower, bag in tow. i slide quickly past the human receptionist into the thrown-like room. aro was sitting there, his brothers on either side of him. jane was standing near. i remembered the fight. she had apparently been allowed to patch herself together. good i hadbeen wanting to see her.

“jane dear! long time no see!” i held out my hand for her to shake. she glared at it.

“you’re not going to unleash your fury on me?” she aked cautiously but confidently.

“unleash my fury? what in the world would give you that idea?” i said politely. she shook my hand. she apparently was too new to know my powers. i took myshare of lovely power and left her some, for i was merciful in my demanding. aro was smiling at my cleverness. he knew what i had done. he apparently thought that he had taught me to be so clever. as if.

“what brings you here dear cousin?”

“you know exactly what brings me here aro.” he thought my vision and i flinched. he chuckled. “you can’t hurt my family aro. i won’t allow it.”

“we’re your family elizabeth.” he said smiling.

“no your not!” i hissed, barely able to control my anger.

“i’ll tell you what. you stay with us we won’t start anything. you leave, we fight.” he said malisously. he hit my weakness. i would do anything for them not to hurt the cullens and…

“fine” i said. he touched my cheek. i knew what he was doing, searching me for other weaknesses. i flung my arm into his gut, tossing him into the opposite wall. he chuckled again.

“jane will show you to your room” he said as he emerged from what was left of the wall. she started down a corriodor. i followed. 

“does my room have stationary for letters?” i asked. i knew i could just call, but i prefured writing. 

“yes. it does”

“good” i responded. as soon as she left i started writing:

Dear Edward and Bella,

I’m so sorry. I don’t know how long I’ll be here with the Volturi. I will probably miss your wedding. Edward, don’t come looking for me. I’m fine, my beloved younger brother. (he he that’s right bells, he’s actually about a month younger than me, in both senses) I miss you guys! 😦 I’ll come soon, to visit. I’ll be here for a while.

Luv you,Elizabeth

then i started my letter to jake, saying i would be here for a long time. Dear Jacob,

I miss you so much. I have not even been gone for a day. I will be here working for my relatives here in Italy for a while. Sorry. I will miss you everyday, even more than the last. I will be back to visit soon. I promise. Do not come to visit me here. Too many vampires. Sorry again. I love you and always will, no matter how unorthodox it is.

Luv you,


i sealed the envolopes, one adressed to the cullens and the other to jake. i left a tear stain on the envolope. i hope he believed it a rain drop. i took them to the nearest post office. i was told not to leave because it was sunny, but i walked outside. to my relief, i could still decide when to sparkle.

twilight fan fic

bellas pov

“edward, edward! look what i found in your mailbox!” i called halfway through the door. i usually checked the mail. but most the time there was nothing there. this time the mailbox contained 1 letter. a letter from elizabeth. it had only been 2 days since she’d left, but i already missed the buoyancy in her presence. edward came running into the hall, fast as lightning.

“what is it bella?” he asked worriedly.

“it’s- hey!” edward had snatched the letter out of my hand. “thats addresed to me too!” i yelled. but it didn’t matter he had already ripped open the letter and finished reading. a shadow dauned his face. he handed me the letter. i read it and a shadow dauned my face as well. i sat on the couch.

“what’s that?” emmette asked as he walked by, snatching it from my hand.

“why do you people think you can just take stuff out of my hands!?” i asked, still grim. emmette’s face looked angry.

“we’re going to go get her aren’t we edward?” he asked.

“no, she can take care of herself.”edward said sadly.

“what?!” emmette and i cried at the same time.

“she asked me not to come.” he said calmly. emmette and i argued with him for a while, then enlisted the help of alice. after a while i just refused to talk to him. he didn’t like that.

“isabella swan. are you giving me the cold sholder?”

“if i were talking to a specific person whose name starts with e and ends with dward i would say yes.” i called out to the wall. that didn’t last long, though. he started tickling me. which led to a laughing coma. he looked satisfied with himself.

twilight fan fic

2 months later bellas pov

my wedding day. i thought it would never come. this was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but i found myself missing elizabeth, and worrying about her. it wasn’t the first worry on my mind, though,as i pulled myself into my dress. alice had succesfully made sure edward hadn’t seen me, so far. my hair was pulled into a small curly ponytail on the top of my head. my make-up was light, my nails were painted. i had been primped and polished. alice was watching me pull on my dress. then she buttoned it and tightened the corset.

     what happened if i tripped? that was the main problem. i still had a good hour before i had to be outside. all i had to do was hide from edward.

edwards pov

i was scheming on how to see my bride before the wedding and worrying about elizabeth when my phone rang. i picked up.

“stop it!” liz yelled.

“liz! stop what?” i asked thoroughly confused.

“worrying about me on the best day of your life! trust me i’m fine.” she said sternly i was too absorbed in my phone call to tell what was going on around me.

“how can i believe you? you’d tell me that if every bone in your body had been broken by the volturi”  i felt the scowl spread across my face.

“see for yourself” i felt a tap on my shoulder

“liz!” i yelled. this day was complete. she hugged me tightly. “emmette!” i called “time to put my plan into action!” alice was outside, esme was guarding bella. i watched as emmette walked into the room.

“awww, bells you look great!” he exclaimed. elizabeth was onto me.

“oh no you don’t edward,” she flew up the stairs just as emmette tried to fling bella out the door. all i got to see was her arm as liz shoved her back intp the room and opened a whole crate of whoop-    on emmette. she pushed him down the stairs and slammed the door to bellas dressing room asshe smiled with self accompilshment and challenged emmette to a wrestling match.she brushed my hand as she went past and showed me everything the volturi did to her.

“we’ll fight as soon as bella’s well enough, i promise” i kissed my sister on the top of her head.

twilight fan fic

bellas pov

jake hopped through my window.

“hey bells” he said. he sounded a little depressed. “good luck today, i have to admit, edward really loves you. i hope you’re happy.” he smiled.

“what’s wrong with you?” i asked.

“what do you mean?” he asked

“he really loves you, i hope you’re happy? what happened to-” he cut me off

“edward didn’t tell you?”

“no… why are you so sad?” he chuckled.

“i miss elizabeth.” it all came to me.

“ohhhhhhhhh.” i said finally understanding. i grinned. “esme? will you please force edward out of the house?”

“of course dear.” she smiled, she got it too. “just, ummm don’t get the house to smelly, please.” she exited the room. i heard a struggle occuring downstairs. i peeked out the window. he was out there. i walked halfway down the stairs.

“elizabeth!” i hissed. she was next to me in a flash. she was smiling. her future must of already dissapeared.

“yes?” she said eagerly.

“follow me” i said smiling. she flew up the stairs and stood by the door, bouncing. i walked up and opened the door, making sure i was all that could be seen.she followed and hid behind me as i shut the door.

“what was that all about?” then he caught her scent. he looked at my hands which were folded behind my back. “what are you hiding?” he asked playfully. he stood from the window sill and walked over to see what i was hiding. when he peeked behind my back elizabeth popped out the other side and hid behind jake.

“ok seriously that’s not cool. i know you have something, now where are you hiding it?” he scanned me up and down. elizabeth jumped onto his back

“what the? elizabeth?” he smiled at me and mouthed ‘thanks’. elizabeth gracefully hopped out the window. and he followed. alice entered the room.

“its time.” she said smiling

twilight fan fic

still liz

the wedding

i was snuggled next to jake,whom i had convinced to stay. my eyes were closed. i wasn’t planning on watching the wedding through my own eyes. i was, at this second watching bella flip out over an unknown reason. i didn’t particuarly care what the fuss was about. i was content. i had my werewolf stroking my hair. and i didn’t have to live in italy for more than another year. edward promised. i didn’t belive he would leave me in peril. i was so content i didn’t even notice that alice had walked up. she thought to me “we need your help elizabeth” i reluctantly opened my eyes.

     as i did i saw the problem. i was the preacher. staring a toilet in the face. i quickly blinked it away. it didn’t look pretty. i bobbed my head, then stood.

“where are you going?” jake asked.

“preaching.” i answered. “i’ll be back though. i still have to force you to come to the reception!” i grinned, showing my dazzling smile. he just sighed. i leaned in to kiss him and he moved. laughing.

“butthole” i said, the grabbed the book from alice and stomped off. alice followed.

“did i ever tell you that your smile looks just like edward’s?”

“no, but im not surprised. he might as well be my biological brother as much as we have in common.” i went to preach. 


i walked out as the music played. i was so happy, but i had to think to myself not to trip. that would be my luck, trip on my wedding day. i looked up. wow, it was weird, edward and liz have the same smile, the only differance was that edwards tilted to the right (right handed), and elizabeths tilted to the left. (left handed) i could barely hear a word liz said as she preached. i could only stare at edward. he looked stunning in his black silk tux, his eyes as soft as a marshmallow. thats all he was, on the inside. ok i got it, hes a marshmallow that was stuck into the flame, caught on fire, and blown out. crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. elizabeth stoped to cough, but i could tell she was hiding laughter. she continued. we had already repeated after her and all that.

“do you isabella, take edward anthony masen cullens to be your lawfully wedded husband…”

“i do”

“do you edward take isabella ‘bella’ swan to be your lawfully wedded wife…”

“i do”

“you may kiss the bride.” and he crushed his lips into mine. we went back down the isle, and i tripped. edward caught me before anyone could see it, well except for emmette, but he was waiting for me to trip. we went into the house. we ate,


i found out that i was still able to eat, and i had an appetite. i had, of course found jake (who was hiding) and forced him to come with me.the dancing was lovely. my personal fave was, the brother sister dance.edward danced with alice rose and me. bella danced with jasper emmette (that was fun to watch) and… jacob!!!! my doing, yes yes. then was the father daughter dance. i dont have a father. so i sat on the sides. the song was a three part song, so if needede you could dance with more than one person

“elizabeth?” carlisle asked “would you dance with me? “you as much my daughter as alice and rose are.” hes a darling carlisle. i love him dearly.

“oh carlisle, your so sweet. i’d love to dance thank you” carlisle’s such a dear. as i walked off the floor from that dance, edward announced karaoke. i went pale. (well paler) i love singing and attention, don’t get me wrong, but karaoke. ohhh. bad memories. i despretly searched for a hiding place. i dived under the table. a few people sang, when my table cloth was lifted.

“what are you doing?” jake asked

“get under here” i hissed.

“your hiding from karaoke.” he grinned. “i-” i smacked him hard in the gut. “owwwwwwwww” another hand slid under the cloth.

“i found you elizabeth!” edward shouted. i shot out from under the table. he caught me by the cloth of my dress.

“is karaoke over?” i asked sheepishly.

“ha! nice try.” he sat me on the stage. if he wanted to play that way, then fine. i picked out madonnas “like a virgin” but i knew i wasn’t going to sing that. thank God for my fave singer/songwriter…

“I finally made it through Med. school.
Somehow I made it through-hoo.
I’m just an intern, I still make a mistake or two.”

…weird al yankovic. a roar of laughter erupted from the croawed.

“I was last in the class,
Barely passed at the Institute.
Now I’m tryin’ to avoid
Yeah, I’m tryin’ to avoid
A malpractice suit.

Hey, like a surgeon,

Cuttin’ for the very first time.
Like a surgeon,
Organ transplants are my line.”

edward was banging his head into the wall. emmette, jasper and bella were doubled over laughing. esme, rose and carlisle just rolled their eyes. this was what they were expecting from me.”Better give me all your gauze, nurse,
This patient’s fading fast.
Complications have set in,
Don’t know how long he’ll last.

Let me see that I.V.
Here we go, time to operate.
I’ll pull his insides out.
Pull his insides out,
And see what he ate.”

by now i was preforming, on top of the piano, rolling around mocking madonna. edward was on his way up to stop me.

“Like a surgeon, hey!
Cuttin’ for the very first time.
Like a surgeon,
Here’s a waiver for you to si-gn.
Wo-ho. Wo-ho. Wo-ho”

he was trying to pull me off stage.

“no never!!!!” i cried, now being drug off the stage. “i can’t dissapoint the fans! edward, your the one who wanted me to sing! edwwwwaaaarrrdd” i whined. i was now far away from the stage, so he let go.  i walked past emmette and jasper, receiving high fives.

“leave it to liz to liven up a party” emmette yelled.

“oh yeah” everyone yelled. and that was it. everyone filtered out after my beautiful preformance. i helped clean up. and jake walked me home.

twilight fan fic


“you were great. not just your song choice but your singing.” jake said sweetly.

“thanks” i said, smiling up at him. he wrapped his left arm around my shoulder.

“you have to go back to italy, don’t you?” he said quietly. the smile slid off my face.

“i- i don’t like lying jake.” i said i couldn’t hold it in any longer. “the volturi are holding me there and they say if i leave they’ll start a war with the cullens!” i burst out. he hugged me tightly, but gently.

“don’t worry, we can fight a war.”

“i’m not worried, i have to go back until bella can fight too. what do you mean by we?”

“i’ll be fighting too of course.”

“NO!” i cried. “you can’t! these aren’t newborns! you can’t just be a vampire to be a volturi! you have to have powers, a gift! aro’s favorite looks at people to cause pain, jane. no one challanges her, well except bella and i. we’re the only people alive immune to her power.” i said, slightly proud.

“whats your power?” he asked. i grinned, i loved telling people this.

“i can steal people’s powers.” i said happily. “anyones i steal i’m immune to, except if i choose otherwise. i can develope the powers, they mold to me, my personality. thats why i can use my powers on bella, its just my personal differance.” i smiled more.

“really, what am i thinking?” he asked.

“your thinking about me.” i said smugly.

“whats my future look like?” he asked


“what?” he looked surprised.

“whatever a werewolf does, i can’t see. i guess its because we’re supposed to be mortal enemies.” he stoked my hair as we started to walk again.

“have you stolen jane’s power?”

“yes, and aros and demetries and pretty much everyone in the volturi. i could probably take out a huge hunk of them by myself.” we were already in front of my door. he pulled me into a kiss.

“i love you elizabeth”

“i love you too jake, i’ll see you tomorrow.”

“we’re having a bonfire, you know, actually everyone, all the guys, the clearwaters, the elders. you want to come?”

“sure jake”

“cool” and he took off. i went to my room (i can still sleep, it was just for a couple of days that i couldn’t) and fell asleep. at about 3 i woke up to a loud thump. i looked to the window. there was jake, he had fallen asleep, and slumped over.

“wtf?” i said to the darkness. had jake come here every night, watching me? had he gone sleep deprived? i giggled. i danced over to his side. picked him up, and set him in my bed. 



  1. cool fic. ends sort of suddenly though. more to come?
    wow, bella almost did something.

  2. yes there is more to come i will post more each time i write more

  3. cool. can’t wait to read some more.

  4. there it is! more to come.

  5. wow, Elizabeth is sort of psycho.
    and Bella would just follow random people with cars. *rolls eyes*
    very cool.

  6. i no thats why i like her. thanx

  7. why can Elizabeth read Bella’s mind? Nobody else can

  8. elizabeth is a very complicated vampire. lots of stuff will b explained in the story that particular question will b. nice question. liz’s mind can’t always b read either, alice cant always see her futer. she’s really kinda weird but i made har that way. i like making crazy characters. its more fun that way. i think god probly has fun makin cool smart saneish phycos. see elizabeth cant always read minds, its not like edward where the buzz is always there, she has to really pay attention to it to hear them. as u can see thats not her only power, but none of the ones seen are real power thingy.

  9. omg… that was so… WRITE MORE!

  10. k glad u like it.

  11. woah… i realized something, for about a coulple of post my name on scott site was Amy~la—Lalalala, I’m a crazy rabid squirrel!

  12. thats where i got it!!!!!

  13. idk u just liked it so much that i thought i should put somthing of you in it i membered that name cuz it was funny

  14. Okay that was really good.You should keep it up. The only thing is that Edward seemed a bit different. Well I mean how he spoke or answered questions so simply. Other than that it’s pretty cool!

  15. i got that feeling too. i need to find a way to fix that th thing is im not sure how. ill reread the books even though i just finished right b4 chrismas. actually ill probably reread only eclipse thats the only one i actally own. ill find a way to fix that and then fix it

  16. Haha
    Right after I read the ending my sister burst into the room screaming NO!

  17. hehehe, thats kinda funny. why???? why did she burst in screaming nooooooo. o and which sister. was it the one that was blogging on new years, i liked her. becca, was that her name??

  18. Yeah Becca was the one on New Years Eve but it was Addie that was screaming….and I think it had to do with Samantha attempting to put her C.D. into my dad’s paper shredder, she’s only 2, so she didn’t get in trouble..

  19. hehe. addie’s the oldest that said we were immature for arguing over wether the moons made out of cheese or potatoes right??
    then we finally decided it was a potato stuffed w/ cheese. hehe. good times good times.

  20. yup that’s her

  21. wait, now theres not a ‘noooooooo!’

  22. not now, i edited

  23. savin it for l8tr

  24. hmm
    I forgot my comment

  25. hehe

  26. maybe if u look at wat u were lookin at wen u thought of it u will remember

  27. I was looking at a milk carton

  28. o weeeel i dont think that will help

  29. It didn’t…

  30. thats sad now i wish i new wat it was.

  31. Maybe I’ll remember tomorrow. . .

  32. maybe

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 8, 2008 at 10:17 pm
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    i want more now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WORD 😉

  33. im glad u like it. i have more on u have to search twilight. its called twilight fan fiction. my screen name is courtney-wa. i have to copy paste it onto here still. it will b a shorter wait if u see fanlib tho.

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
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    so where is more? do i go to fan lib and search twilight fan fiction?

    yes no mabye so?

    Word-LA 😉

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 12, 2008 at 7:47 pm
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    i can’t find it post a link plz…


  34. sorry i wuz at my grandmas w/ no computer acsess they live in like the stone age. i will put the link on my blogroll. k? give me a min.

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 16, 2008 at 3:00 pm
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    k. thanks. i really like ur story……..


  35. thanx. i iz happy people likes my story. u respond really fast.

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 16, 2008 at 3:21 pm
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    i want more on both now……. did elizabeth use her power on bella or what? i need to no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need lots more and now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post some more………plz


  36. hehe… i iz reading a book right now, i juz finished megan meads guide to the mcgowan boys and am working on private now, i just have to finish it and its sequel then ill b riting again, don’t worry.

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 16, 2008 at 3:36 pm
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    how long will that take? cause idk how long my non-patince will last…..



    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 17, 2008 at 10:37 am
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    I want more

    Sophie-La~~Mr. knocks you’ve found my rocket again!!!!! woooo whoooo!!!!! Spider pig Spider pig Does what ever a spider pig does!!!!! Jazz squares Jazz squares and crazy legs and cray legs!!!!! i’m a little tea pot short and spout!!!!! candy candy candy cane!!!!!!! Dooley Dooley bug or Dooley Bear??? Mrs. mary mack mack mack!!!!!!!!!!! Give me # 9!!!!!!!!!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidousious!!!!!!!!!!! When i was just a lad!!!!!!!!! Under the Sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so?????????????????????? Mr. PInchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He he he he he ehe he he ehe he he he he he he he he hehe eh ehe he eheeheheehe eh eehje eh ehe he he he h ehenhe eh enehe ehe hehe he he ehe he eh ehe eh e ehe ehe ehen e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 18, 2008 at 11:00 pm
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    if u don’t write more i shall be verry very mad

    Sophie-La~~Mr. knocks you’ve found my rocket again!!!!! woooo whoooo!!!!! Spider pig Spider pig Does what ever a spider pig does!!!!! Jazz squares Jazz squares and crazy legs and cray legs!!!!! i’m a little tea pot short and spout!!!!! candy candy candy cane!!!!!!! Dooley Dooley bug or Dooley Bear??? Mrs. mary mack mack mack!!!!!!!!!!! Give me # 9!!!!!!!!!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidousious!!!!!!!!!!! When i was just a lad!!!!!!!!! Under the Sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so?????????????????????? Mr. PInchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He he he he he ehe he he ehe he he he he he he he he hehe eh ehe he eheeheheehe eh eehje eh ehe he he he h ehenhe eh enehe ehe hehe he he ehe he eh ehe eh e ehe ehe ehen e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i have more written i just have to type it. i finished the book, and of course with my traditional throwing of the book b/c she killed a character

  39. What book did you finish?

  40. By the way, even though I act like Elizabeth and I’m 13, I don’t know a lot of other people who do…

    • thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures
    • Posted February 23, 2008 at 11:05 pm
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    well i love it and you need to update it.
    i gotmy own fan lib account so go and chec it out


  41. koolio. i saw it once u start commenting i follow up. i do that to like everyone. the book i finished was one of the private books by kate brian.
    lots of kids i no act like that, specially me! she is sort of based off me. i didn’t intend to do it but it happened. i got tons more over the weekend and finished them all but one, and i lost my spot in school.
    don’t worry, there will be more soon in fact i feel like writing right now. hehe wouldn’t it be funny if i just decided right now it was a one-shot and im not finishing!
    the comments would probably make me roflmao

  42. I act like that too but the only person I know that acts like me is Hannah

  43. Oh
    Hannah is my friend….which is kinda obvious

  44. yeah
    all my friends in tag act like that. there is sarah, she is sporty and sort of smart and is blond, with red hair
    sam is my bookworm friend who luvs 2 watch the steelers win and the patriots and bungles lose. hahaha patriots lost the superbowl they can win every game in the season but the one that really matters! HA!
    then there is the violent yet very funny chris, idk y he is in tag, its probly cuz he copys off the smart people and accidently passed the actual test. he is hallarical tho, but he is a patriots fan ^_^ hehe it wuz funny it was the day after the superbowl and he’s walkin out of his hr while im walking to art class hr, i just point and open my mouth and he’s like shut it.
    theres more but i can’t type right now. i g2g

  45. hehheh
    That sounds like the GT at MY school
    were the only “freaky weirdos” who are insanely insane
    we all get yelled at for talking to much because our talking normally includes loud things like “Sami peed on the naked janitor floor!”

  46. ???
    well, we do get in trouble for talking a lot. only, uhhhhh not that, more like inside tag jokes, like “FRANCE!” or “fish sticks!”, Chicken fingers” “black eyes!” the list goes on and on.

  47. yeah the naked janitor floor thing is an inside joke
    so is “Jeffred”
    and “I never said I was Jewish, I’m a Muslim”

  48. lol, there are just some things other people will never understand.

  49. Yeah, like,
    ‘Earring, suspect is in view.”

  50. oops I meant
    ‘Earring, Suspect is in view.”
    oh and the facct that half of the GT kids I know can’t screw in a light bulb

    most of what we say is said too fast for anyone to hear anyway

  51. awww come on, i have no one to tag! u tagged becca. hummm what was sams blog again…

  52. wow
    our little Westerfeldian community is actually pretty small
    or maybe we’re just short on blogs

  53. yeah, i think its b/c we’re short on blogs.

  54. Well, I already have a blog so I’ve made my contribution

  55. yup me too!

  56. We are contributing members of society 🙂

  57. YAY US!!!!! 🙂

  58. WE ROCK!
    Okay, now I’m bored

  59. yes we do rock, im almost always bored, but i’m happy! one week from today school will be out!

  60. I have 16 and a half hours left of school!
    (we have two days and then Thursday we go for two hours of awards in the unairconditioned gym)

  61. i HATE unairconditioned gyms. i have to play volleyball in one. it sucks

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